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3D TVs

Does anyone have one? Has anyone watched one? Wondering what they're actually like and if they live up to the hype.


I've checked them out at the shops and have been quite impressed. Apparently there are some leaps in technology just around the corner, but I'd say it's mature enough to buy now, if you're the sort of person that upgrades every couple or three years. If you intend to keep it for 5 years or more, I'd make do with what you've got.


I have been going to 3D movies recently at the cinema. While at first they were just lame. They are growing on me. I will be buying a 3D tv when the price comes down a bit more.


I'm still waiting for a TV that you don't need the glasses with. But no matter what you wait for, there is always going to be something new that comes out not long after to take its place.

My father took almost 20 years to buy his first VCR because "next years models going to be better." I had to buy it for him in the end just to shut him up.


I'm gonna retract my previous comment. I've done a little more research and it turns out that the leaps in technology are in fact already here. I'm talking about passive 3D glasses instead of active. Funnily enough it's the object of my desire, the first prize in this posting competition has it and it evidently makes quite a difference!


I haven't watched one but I should check it out next time I'm in a store that sells them. It's hard to imagine anything even remotely resembling 3D at the movies but I like to keep an open mind. Just in time for Boxing Day sales me thinks.


I have a 55" 3d LG smart led tv.I Love it . I was a little hesitant at first but the 3d images are amazing id defo have to recommend the passive 3d over the electronic because its easier on your eyes and if your a gamer you can have a set up where you play a game with someone on the same tv but you bot can see different images because one see the vertical pane of image and the other sees the horizontal pane image.but you need special glasses for this set up.


We have a 3D capable TV here, but haven't used the 3D function since we've had it. There are not that many 3D movies to choose from, and you have to wear those silly glasses while you watch. I don't think it's really taken off like the manufactures had hoped.


I have a 3d tv and have used the 3d maybe once on it. Got it for the size (55inches) and picture quality not the 3d.


I have a decent 3D TV but I have only used the 3D function on it a few times now. I didn't find it that great.


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