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"Say It Isn't So" saw the movie year ago, its a blokes movie though unless you have a sick or twisted sense of humour.
Maybe Zac could star in the second movie "Say It Isn't So Too", he ceratinly fits the part.


...well looks like Zac Guildford is lucky to have not had his contract ripped up...he has been suspended for 4 games...which means he is out for all 3 pre season games and his first super 15 match against the blues, he also has to seek alcohol management therapy paid for by himself and he has placed a self imposed no alcohol ban on himself for a year......lets hope he sticks with it would be a waste of great talent if he falls of the wagon!....


Sux to be a professional sportsman these days. You can't have characters anymore (Note: assault is pushing it too far).
At least he didn't have his contract ripped up like Todd Carney did with the Roosters in the NRL. All he did was go out and have a couple of beers on a Thursday night against team protocol. Granted Carney has a terrible history but so does Zac Guildford. Guildford should count himself very lucky.


Oh Zac Zac Zac- so much talent, good looking - or so the missus tells me - surely a good life ? Too much too soon seems to be the catch for young sportsmen. 4 weeks suspension next season includes 3 x preseason games !! Not so much to bear and I'm sure the ego is not so fragile....shades of Jesse Ryder here- a lifelong work-in-progress.


Can he really be trusted, he agreed to not take a drink until the end of 2012 mmmmmmmm.
Will these bans from playing sink in, a talented player with fame & fortune which has gone to his head.
Hope he comes out the outer side still smelling of roses.


Yes Zac is defintely drinking in the Last Chance Saloon (bada boom) and I hope he manages to beat his demons. If he doesn't he will waste his talent and some kid who wants the All Black more will side-step past Zac.


...he certainly has a lot of issues to deal with he still hasn't dealt with the passing of his father....I think they did the right thing by allowing him to remain because he is suck a great talent...and its a bonus that he is easy on the eye too!....

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