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Zac Guildford - Say It Ain't So!

All Black Zac Guildford has been accused of a drunken assault in Rarotonga. He rocked up into a bar pissed and bleeding and got into a fight with two holidaymakers, what ya thinking mate? you have such a promising career Article http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/rugby/all-blacks/5957088/Guildford-accused-of-drunken-assault


Yeah right! How would he know, he was on the stage then realised he had no kit on. He should be charged for two cases of assault.


Asset probably as small as his brain !

...I'm sure some of the ladies would have been blushing...lol...well just saying if he was in the nut (excuse the pun) and I was in the bar....I wouldn't be looking at his smile...or in this case lack their of.....but there is totally no excuse for what he did....and if it is found to be true he should be disciplined by the NZRU and CRU.....what a waste of potential....


....I hate the way the media is making such a big deal out of it and some a calling for his head to roll, yes what he did was totally wrong but they want to string him up and hang him out to dry....which is stupid....end his career....what good does that do for the young guy....wouldn't that push him more over the edge......now we have all these so called experts preaching on what they think is best for him....worry about your own backyard this young fulla needs our support he's only 22 years and his dad died whilst watching play a game of rugby......he needs our help not all this bickering.....


Yeah love our knee jerk media, makes them money that's all they care about.

I totally agree I know someone who attend Zac Guildfords dad's funeral and he said that Zac was totally distraught and couldn't believe what had happened....he was closer to his Dad then mum....and trying to console him was terrible cause he didn't want it....I suggest his mother needs to step in now and help her son out...before it's too late....


He needs professional help for his drinking problem and it looks like the Crusaders organization is going to organise it for him. In end, he is solely responsible for his actions. Zac got plenty of time to fix this problem and if he gets rid of his friend that drinks too much and one that drops the ball and misses tackles he will go on to become a great All Black.


Todays Herald: Zac "hurting, ashamed". Hang on a few days he said it never happened. Naked Arse, I suppose thats the first step to getting help by now admitting to the incident.


...that is how fickle the media is they will milk this story for all it is worth....hopefully he gets the help he needs


...more accusations coming his way now a triathlete who lives and trains on the island has come forward and said he made rude and sex gestures to her....I have friends that were born and raised in Raro I use to travel their a lot when I was growing up and we all use to swim in the nude....the rest I can't say...but that is not trying to make excuses but island life is so different from here...but in saying that no women deserves that sort of treatment....so the poor guy definitely needs so help....his mental skills coach could do with some too I suggest......but let's hope he comes good and the media find something else to drag out.....ohh he has not been charged with anything yet....but I suspect when he gets back he will be disciplined severely....


Haven't we all been a bit boozed and half naked on a pacific island? though sounds like he's a bit f**ked up after his dad and no good taking a swing at randoms if he hadn't done that it could have been just a bit stupid and now it's assault. Good way to kiss any career good-bye.

...now some are saying he was provoked because he went for a swim and someone who was in that bar took his clothes....hence the swing at randoms no excuse but it sounds like there is way more to this story then first thought....


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