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It's pretty sad when you are put out there for all to see and whispered about especially for a young guy like Zac....I am disappointed with the way AB management has handled it, because people were wondering why he hadn't been selected why bring his situation out for all media to scrutinise is sad...he is a young guy, who saw that he played bad, and had drinks after the game....umm that's different to other players post match because? and he didn't cause any scenes like AB's before him just drank a lot at his hotel....why make that news...he looked so lost on TV when the media were questioning him about it....the pressure of a game at that level must be a buggar for a kid of his age...especially with how his dad past...it should have been kept internal I am disappointed at the way the NZRFU and AB management have played it out....they didn't have to explain why he was not being selected its not like they tell us when we probe for answers about other players why now....any thoughts on this?

embattled I'd call it embarrassing his public battle with the booze...it wasn't public till the AB management made it so...self improvement program what the heck....he's 22....there are some other players in the AB's that could do good on that program too...they make him sound like he is a belligerent drunk or something he's a kid who screwed up pure and simple let him be and let the media focus on the RWC.....


over reaction

After the season Hore, Nonu and Weepu have had with the Hurricanes if Graham Henry can man-manage them, then Zac Guildford issue must have been a on going battle rather than a one off for them to act.
Unfortunately when you make the AB you are in the spotlight whether you like it or not.

...oh and it's just not happening in rugby look at Jesse Ryder (cricket) Todd Carney (League) and Andy Carroll (Football).


It's a critical world we live in these days. Anyone in the spotlight is ripe for some good old fashioned self-righteous judgement. We rarely live up to our own ideals, but it doesn't stop us from telling someone else off for not living up to them. I'd actually like someone to stand up to the criticism and tell us all to mind our own business. "Practice what you preach," and all that. I hate it when everyone bows down to public pressure. I don't blame Zac though. He's too young to know any better.


and the hits keep coming for Zac...


Surprising this has raised its ugly head during the WC- poor PR from the ABs who should have come clean earlier.


yeah one would think their PR machine would have dealt with this long ago if it has indeed been an on going issue with Zac I just don't like it that he is such a young guy and to be exposed the way it has rubs me the wrong way I wish him a speedy recovery so he can focus on his love of the game


Found the Zac; do not bring your mates skit funny but a bit cruel. Others doing the rounds is ZAC = Zero Alcohol Consumption. Perhaps he could put these things up on a wall to give him motivation next time he plays. He is still very young and has plenty of rugby a head of him to show every one he is a class player.


Taken overboard, over it now


I think it could have been handled better and less publically for the young guy - certainly sux that it came to the medias attention the same week the Womans Weekly put out a story with Zac's mum saying how proud his dad would have been of him - timing is not good! I think he needs to be left alone to sort it out and get on with his career!


great game Zac let's hope the media hounds stay of your back now, am glad you had a good game and look forward to bigger and better things to come


Awesome comeback from Zac- 4 tries is a mighty effort especially as he looked to get involved from anywhere on the park. Now needs to take his chances if called up for any of the "real" games....although I think the selectors will fall back on utility wingers in the squad.

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