Discussing :: Your most useless talent/ skill


Im the best at telling my kids off - NO, NO, NO, NO!!!! Well someones gotta do it!!


I can lick my own nose


I can work with spirit and send them over through the light...do clearing of land and dwellings, people, read, channel, counsel and healing. Love, Peace and Harmony! :) x


In a blind taste test I can pick out the brand of any kind of tea! (Normal tea - not all the weird fruity ones!!) Such a useless talent...I would much rather be able to swear in 6 different languages like "The Pom"


I have a 33% chance of guessing what colour the next car I encounter will be.


My most useless talent/skill is the ability to successfully guess what sex a baby is when i see a pregnant woman....never been wrong yet :-)


I'm a cat whisperer and can sense when something is wrong or upsetting cats. I don't mention it because then the 'crazy cat lady' comments start :)


Good question....Running on the spot I guess without losing balance!


Gardening! everything I plant dies & withers, so I get house plants & overcompensate then they drown...the end!


Having to listen to garbage

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