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Your most useless talent/ skill

The kind of thing you could get in The Guiness World Book of Records for but wouldn't help you survive/ get off a deserted island in the least.


That's an interesting question. I'm very good at balancing salt shakers on their edge in restaurants... I'm excellent at online shopping... But I reckon I could be left on a deserted island with pretty much no obvious resources and make some kind of raft and sail away, navigating by the stars.


I am excellent at being depressed. I've been a sad sack since I was a kid because I haven't been able to deal with life and its downer events.


I know all the words to thousands of songs cos I'm always singing along to the radio and listen to heaps of different types of music. great for karaoke but that's it.


im great at rhyming on the spot . (see spot then a dot)


I got slick at throwing lit cigarettes into my mouth from about waist height, took a few misses to perfect that one - but I haven't smoked for 10 years so got nothing to pass on to the kids. Was badass at smoke rings too.


I used to have a 90% success rate at guessing peoples school house colours


I can smell damp ! Can't usually solve it without a builder's help though


Apart from being able to recite the alphabet backwards, swear in 6 different languages, I can drink the yard of ale without stopping & still stick my foot under my arm pit. For starters lol


I used to be able to identify makes (sometimes models) of motorbikes by the engine sound. But then I discovered punk and death metal and now the volume on my TV makes my neighbour bang on the wall.... Lucky I can't hear him!


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