Discussing :: Your favorite Star Trek character, and why?


Your favorite Star Trek character, and why?

I have seen about every episode of Star Trek New Generation and my fave was Picard for a while because he was so British and proper and authoritative. Not sure why that was attractive... But now it's Brent Spiner (Data) because he can sing and dance (because I got to work with him and Rene Auberjonois, who has the best last name!) :D How about you?


Watched Star Trek Next Gen when I was growing up and my fav was always data too. Thought he was funny and his cat was the best


Scotty. Without him there to beam them up, the series would have been very short indeed.


Has to be Bones, he's a cynic and alsways practical!


Yes, the character 'Bones' in the original and subsequent Star Treks was my fav. Always bought common sense to the table. Possibly the only person Cap. Kirk listened to.


I always like the Counselor for two very good reasons.


I love Spock!! So straight talking!


Mr Sulu for sure; Drives the Enterprise... check! Sweet Martial Arts Skills... check!! Droll sense of Humor... check!Waving the Rainbow flag and representing equal rights in the future... check and check!!


Mr Spock....Spock carried a life-long interest in art, music, literature and poetry from many worlds, especially Terran, and played both tri-dimensional chess as well as the Vulcan lute or harp and a keyboard harpsichord. How cool is that!


7 of 9, obviously, do I Really need to explain Why ?


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