...all about the money mate....and the lifestyle....one of John Key's policies from the election before the one that just happened he promised to curb Kiwis jumping the ditch but in his tenure more have jumped....lol......so will be good to see how they do this time around....


because the money is better ovrseas , they are getting our products imported there and are paying less for them that we do etc etc . but to me NZ is home and our country is a great place we just have to sort some stuff out here.we should really drop away from the crown which i believe aussie are looking into doing themselves.

...Aussie is a great place to live if it wasn't for the fact both our parents love living in NZ and we want to stay close to them my man and I would be over there in a flash don't get me wrong I love NZ always have always will but in regard to a booming economy we are below....and the lifestyle and jobs available there IMHO are better, we are both lucky to have great jobs here and have both lived and worked in Aussie as well....but it was the family ties more that bought us back......


Sometimes it's a case of the grass being greener on the otherside of the fence. BUT, if you talk to some NZers who have packed up and moved they are struggling to find jobs and be accepted. While some do very well, there are always some that are not doing as well and they are the ones that you don't hear about.

...I have lived in Australia for a number of years most of my siblings live there the longest for 28 years and they did what I did before going their they planned before they moved...they didn't just pack up their lives and jump on the first plane as I am sure many kiwis do....expecting to walk straight into a job....which in reality is not going to happen unless you have organised something before going....which in the case of my siblings many hand else as soon as they landed started looking for jobs....When I first moved over their...I saved up enough money to last me for 2 months and then on arrival picked up all the local papers and started looking for jobs the next day within a week I was offered 3 and took one.....I have even moved to different states and managed to find work, before I took up a job in the US...and have never taken a Government handout neither have my family or extended family over there.....if you are expecting big things when going over to OZ plan, prepare and don't go over their with big expectations....and another thing is make sure you have family over there or friends...you need that kind of support....


I think it's to do with the fact that New Zealand is too small to be competitive. Job-wise it can't offer too many opportunities that are challenging and well-paid enough. And because of its size a lot of things are more expensive to buy so we ended up with less competitive income and more costly consumable goods and it's no wonder why people want to move away...

...exactly that is why many are crossing the ditch more opportunity....but have to put the ground work in before going...lifestyle is better....John Key reckons we can be on par with Australia yeah good luck John Key with that one.....


I've just come back from Aus... I was greeted by: a big tax bill, a big student loan repyaments, a higher tax rate, higher gst, a much higher cost of living and a shit NZ $. You do the math. I'm out.


yeah the economy over there isnt that strong just at the moment its being proped up by mining which is all very well but dual economies in the past tended to cause issues/ huge crashes

...totally agree Jabes....mining is a major factor to the Aussie economy...but considering what DF has mentioned what can also see the advantages of working in OZ...comes down to a judgement call I reckon....what you think is best for you...and your family....I think if you are single or are a young couple with no children then OZ would look more attractive to go and make some bucks.....


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