Discussing :: Would you tell your boss to shove it if you won Powerball?


well as i am my own boss, nope i would not, but yes could tell hubby to tell them to shove it politely of course lol


Wow, of course I would quit working. I'd love it. I would tell my boss so politely though. I don't understand these people who say they would keep working. They're nucking futs! I have plenty of my own interests to keep me entertained. Bring on the luxury pad and the Lambos!


I don't have a job or welfare or anything... Not for 4 months... I just got back from nyc after 3 weeks there, would probably tell this country to stick it. It's just do rad there!


Straight away if first division was big enough. We can all dream, Zzzzzzz!


I work for a small family business, I used to go to school with the wife. I would definitely tell them that I was leaving but that I would stick around until they found a perfect replacement. Then I would try to help them find that person as quickly as possible!


If he/she was an a**hole/b*tch then hell to the m*therf*ckin YEAH!! But my boss is cool so even if I did win I don't think I would.


My hubby reckons he wouldn't but I'd make him!!! ha ha.


I would definitely give my boss the shove, I would go traveling overseas mostly likely to some places in europe


Fingers crossed for next week, it's Jack Potted Again!


More than likely from the airport before I hop on a plane and hightail out of here for a well earned holiday. He could in turn keep my holiday pay!


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