Discussing :: Would you tell your boss to shove it if you won Powerball?


I am the boss and I would tell myself to shove it. Then leave my overly capable office lady in charge of the company and bugger off to Boracay- for a year or two!


Absolutely. I would be hella reckless if I won a few million - quit my job, stop studying, buy a monkey. Then pay off all my friends' loans, give a deposit for a house to each of my siblings and get a throat tattoo. Sweet.


Gotta say.. i love my job, and my boss is cool as, so whilst i might leave to travel the world via a hot air balloon, i definatly wouldn't tell them to shove it - i might like to come back to it one day!


No way! For one i could never be that rude and my boss is a good guy and two i couldn't sit on my arse everyday doing nothing! I would want to keep working and would have to as 22 Milll will only just cover all the toys i want to buy :)


I like my job my hours and my workmates/bosses, they are good for my personal wellbeing. I would let my partner retire.


Yes yes yes... life is too short!!!!


No no no. Bow out quietly and without fanfare. Bridges are hard to build and too easily burnt.


My numbers were way off so can't this week, maybe next time. lol


If you won Lotto you could ring your Boss and tell him that your not feeling well. "What's the matter?" your sympathetic boss would ask. "I have a case of ANAL GLAUCOMA," you would say, maybe in a low weak voice. "What the hell is Anal Glaucoma?" your surprised boss asks. "I can't see my ass coming into work today."


I think I would start with a sickie then a day off then some leave followed by a sickie. With any luck he would fire my ass and I could just fade away.


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