Discussing :: Would you tell your boss to shove it if you won Powerball?


I saw in the weekend paper Trevor the Multimillionaire has bought himself a 2011 Holden Ute, good on him. I do hope the media back off soon and let him live his life. Winning Hurts So Much.


I hear he's after a Dodge Viper too. I was looking at buying a 2010 Dodge Viper however I decided to buy a 1995 Nissian Pulsar instead, LMFAO! Plus I didn't want all the unwanted attention from all the trim, it would have got very annoying. (YEAH RIGHT!)


Rumours are a great way of selling Newspapers, did you buy a copy. The oldest form of mass media, so what if he bought a car wouldn't you?


No, I enjoy my job and think it would help add some stability when life becomes chaotic (which it would with that much money!) I would definitely take a break for a holiday and perhaps reduce hours to spend more time with family. Long term would possibly look at starting my own business but short term I'd carry on and take time to think... WHO AM I KIDDING!!! I'd leave work and use the money to invest and enjoy every minute I could with my family!


I had an employee who did win over a million one weekend. Word leaked out and she had to leave work that Monday as she was inundated with people asking her for financial aid. It was definitely for the best as I dont think anyone would have looked at her the same way ever again. I think that the only way you can keep your job is if no-one knows you've won otherwise it cant work as there are lots of envious, jealous and greedy people around who are not happy about other people's fortune.


I'd wait until the money was securely in my bank account and then check if I could really live off the money for the rest of my life before I quit work but I like what I do so wouldn't immediately be giving everyone the finger and telling them where to go like I'm sure a lot of people would love to do.


I'm far to nice to tell someone to shove it. I would probably hand in my notice right away though. Life's too short.


No, hell no. In no circumstances will I tell my boss or anyone that I won Powerball. Next thing you know everyone is trying to grease you up for a handout.


Good point Peter. You'd want to be subtle about leaving. Come up with a good excuse, and THEN go on that cruise through the Mediterranean.


Nah, working for a government department, I would screw the system first for as long as I could & then stick it to 'THE MAN'

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