Discussing :: Would you tell your boss to shove it if you won Powerball?


Very wise Darren.It would be awesome to be able to win millions and help out the needy.Boy there is so many needy.Where do you start.I think I would start with some of my mates.


just say to your boss you've been offered a new job closer to home, less hours, company car, housing and an 8 figure salary and you started work already.


....everyone to there own if you are happy to leave than go for it....leaving on a bad not is a totally different thing....might bite you in the bum in the future.....but if you have a boss who is a complete muppet than can understand the need to tell them where to go.....


I'd probably keep doing my study, but I would feel the same pressure to finish it in 3 years. And then I'd use the money to do the job I want to be doing when I finish my study.


No. But I will look at reducing my work hours and spend more time with family and friends!


Oh Darn, l guess it won't be this week.

...You and me both BJ and I was so hoping....lol


......I won 31 bucks along with the rest of NZ.Maybe next week.


Guess it depends on the boss.. I work for myself mostly but there certainly are some people I would love to expunge from my life if I could.


Can't do it this week but still have my fingers crossed.


No but there may be others.


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