Discussing :: Would you tell your boss to shove it if you won Powerball?


no I wouldn't tell him to shove it, he's an awesome boss! instead I would buy him an awesome prezzie and tell him that I'm off to travel the world! I'd even give notice and work out my notice! how nice am I :-)


It's called the Lotto test, whether you would toss your job in if you ever won the Big One. I use it to determine how happy I am in a job and if the answer keeps coming up that I'd take the money and run, then it's probably time to start looking at a new job. In my current job, I'd probably stay...the one before that, no way...I would have been out of there - and once I realised that, I was...Lotto or not, there;s no reason to stick around in a job that is sucking it out of you.


If my boss sucked and I didn't like working for him/her, WHY NOT?!?


Hell YES !!!


Nah, no straight away. Need a cover for a while, pretty obvious you're a lotto winner if you quit after someone in your town wins. I'd stay in my job (physically, the mental edge may go a bit) for a couple of months and then manage my investment portfolio, play golf and start looking at properties. Sounds a pretty good life to me.


no I would not, I have got a lovely boss, (Lucky me) but I wont in on Monday thats for sure


Probably not because i enjoy the challenge of my job. I may however buy the business from him, or go partners..then I could just work when I wanted to. You'd need to have time to do all the fun things too...like buying new cars and going overseas.


I would go to work monday morning, just so it didn't look so suspect, and wouldn't tell my boss to shove it - figure as much as I help them, they have helped me (pay etc) for the last how long, so the least you can do is show some respect. But, I would think really hard about what I WANTED to do and find something I am really passionate about and work towards that.. I would like to think - let's see what happens if/when I won huh.


No I wouldn't say that - would go to work stay a few weeks so it wasn't too obvious and then leave, I don't believe in burning bridges and you never know when you might meet the work people again so I would stay on their good side. And in the few weeks that I stay there I would be planning my bigggggg holiday overseas!


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