Discussing :: Would you tell your boss to shove it if you won Powerball?


Would you tell your boss to shove it if you won Powerball?

This weekend's $22 million Lotto Powerball prize is enough to quit work for, but the Lotteries Commission is urging potential winners to think long and hard about what they would do with the money. I gather this is because in a small town in England, 12 bus drivers won 3.8 million pounds each and they all quit their jobs. Some found out on during their shift and stopped the bus and walked off, LMFAO!!!!!!!! As for me, I have a boss who is a dick and I hate my job so I wouldn't think twice about walking to my desk, packing up my stuff and flicking the boss the bird as I walked out. I would invite the workmates I liked and the hot office girls to my Project X styled party though. So would you tell your boss to shove it if you won Powerball?


I have a flexible part time job 25 hours a week with a nice environment and easy going people so I think I would stay as long as I could fit all the travelling in. If I quit it would be nicely.


I would quit but would do the 4 weeks notice period....but having said that I'd probably be too hungover-still drunk to do any work anyway due to my new found wealth and popularity!


yes im afraid i would!

Yes I would to. Not much use of me going in I wouldn't be able to keep my mind on the job. Might get excused early anyway. Been there 20+ years and would be able to buy my own gold pen!


It would be hard to keep a lid on it, but keep it between you and your partner and don't tell the rest of your family. Play it cool for several weeks or months then find an excuse to bow out. If you tell your boss to shove it Monday morning after a Lotto win he will smell a rat.


Yes too right I would! Actually I just wouldn't show up and send them a post card from Hawaii with my resignation and a few choice words to the people I didn't like!


...I love my job, the flexibility it gives me of working in the office or at home is great.....so I wouldn't leave for no buggar......I would probably move the money first into a very high interest earning account first, while I thought of what to do with it....then sit back and plan....probably would only tell my partner first but wouldn't tell my family until I have sorted all the details.....my very first spend would probably be on paying off the rest of my student loan, then purchase a house nothing to flashy just a comfortable home....and then a holiday....no big parties for me....lol...cause if I get in the mood that party may go for a while...so pass on that.....but oh to dream....hopefully its a reality late Saturday night...hehehe


A lot of thought needs to go into your next move alright, but l would certainly keep it quiet and try not to get caught day dreaming. Flashy toys are too much of a giveaway, you need to be patient & buy slowly.


Come Monday work would be on hold, l would need a few days sick leave to recover. It's either that or someone would spot the fixed smile on my face and soon guess something was up.


Evidently Not. The last Big Wednesday winner has said her hubby will continue to work. But at least he will have his own house to come home to and memories of a trip to the Olympics to keep him contented. Personally I would be so tempted to donate to every sick child needing money to get treatment that I would soon run out and be working overtime again.


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