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I like that most zombie movies show them as slow and dumb which makes them less threatening - but they are generally persistent, surprisingly strong and tend to turn up 'en masse' - watched the original "night of the living dead" during the week! It's the quick ones you have to really watch out for! ;O)


Before seeing the World War Z prize pack, I thought I was well prepared with my Walkman and cassette copy of "Lust For Life" by Iggy Pop - now, I am not so sure!


I don't think anyone could be prepared


Although I have the knowledge to help keep me pretty safe against a zombie apocalypse I think for my nerves sake I kind of hope to go out in the first wave. I'm not really built for a life of constantly worrying about whether I was going to be bitten/eaten every time I went to the loo or ventured outdoors.


I am looking forward to seeing the movie (so of course hoping I'm fortunate enough to win ;-) ) however after reading the book I don't think it's quite going to follow the same story.

I would recommend the book for all fans of the zombie genre, it's a really easy read and has some real cool tales of the resilience of the human spirit.

There's also an awesome graphic novel by the same author too!


Think this is going to be a pretty awesome film. Always love a good zombie invasion!


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