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This is a survival kit for a movie about a Global Pandemic , so where are the tissues I mean seriously who packed this kit


This movie should definitley stresses how important it is to be prepared for a natural disaster.We should all make sure that we have first Aid Kits and food and water for if we need it.I love how the director has made all the special effects in this movie come alive. If we never appreciated the power of global warming we ceratinly will now after watching World War Z


I read the book and have since been waiting for the film! Great to hear it's nearly out!!


By the looks of the trailer. They are not your slow moving slack jawed zombies. They are the Usain Bolt type zombies. Eff that!


Yes I agree, sounds stupid but Zombie attacks are making me more prepared for natural disasters. With a new son need to be prepared for his sake (for disasters not Zombies).


Looks like a good movie.... After Earth seems to be a similar movie.


I really want to see this, saw the trailor....looks EPIC!


Im thinking of booking a babysitter and taking the hubby to go and see it!


Just finished the book and what freaked me out the most were those ones walking around the ocean waiting to drag you under the water...wtf!!!!!!!


Have you guys heard about the 'zombie fungus'? Infects a type of ant, takes control of their brain, makes them walk to a certain place then controls them to clamp down hard on a branch. Then the fungus grows out from the nutrient rich corpse. http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=fungus-makes-zombie-ants Now I can't help but think of it whenever zombie anything comes up! Naaasty.

I think the new PS3 game "The Last of Us" uses that fungus or something similar as part of it's storyline.


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