Discussing :: Which sport requires the greatest mental toughness?


Which sport requires the greatest mental toughness?

Now there's little question that most successful professional sporting figures require oodles of mental toughness to complement their athletic prowess - but which sport requires the greatest mental toughness? Candidates would have to include endurance sports such as marathon running, rowing, cross-country skiing and long distance cycling. I would rule out most team sports, as you've always got your mates around you to share the load. No, for me, the sport requiring the greatest mental toughness has to be golf. How do top golfers maintain their composure and confidence when facing a putt that has so much riding on it, with the eyes of the world upon them? And how do they mentally regain their thoughts in the wake of a double or triple bogey, or a failed bunker shot? What do others think?


I think rowing would definitely require a lot. You get to the point where your arm muscles are aching and your arms feel like they are about to drop off and you have to keep pushing through, especially if you're doing doubles or more, because you've got to keep the rhythm going.


I think all of the individual sports where you have to keep on pushing yourself, even when your mind is screaming at you to quit woule be really tough, such as long distance running, cycling or rowing. Golf would require a lot of concentration and you'd have to work really hard at controlling yourself and blocking everything else out as well.


Golf??? Come on! I guess no one else here has ever done flying trapeze, now THAT takes a lot of mental toughness. Screw that up, and you're dead!


Yeah I agree golf. By the 5th hole I'm already gritting my teeth and hanging out for the 19th


I'd say Chess - Hey it's a real sport!! Of the more traditional sports I'd go with golf there is alot of skill.


I don't know - I always thought boxing needs a lot of "mental toughness". I guess it doesn't need a lot of endurance like marathon or cross country but when you are boxing and both fighters have been throwing lots of punches and have been hit by their opponent a few times and all their muscles are sore and they can't see clearly anymore etc - it's the one that has the mental power to carry them through that will prevail in the end...


I think boxing needs mental toughness, and endurance even if your losing you still got to keep going when someone is going hard out trying to get you down. The Mental Toughness comes way before the game even starts....


CHESS - it is......

Chess is not a sport. It's a game. There is nothing about chess that makes it a sport, any more than poker.


To be top of the game in Motor Racing you would need to be extremely mentally tough. Your body would be pumping with adrenalin so loose your concentration for a split second and it could lead to disaster for yourself and those around you. Consequences for getting it wrong can be fatal, where as other sports you only lost.


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