Discussing :: What's wrong with a free/cheap feed at McD's?


What's wrong with a free/cheap feed at McD's?

I don't have any problem's what so ever with our Police/Fireman etc getting a free/cheap feed at McD's? They have to eat on the run, work late at night and unless there the size of Chief Wiggums (they should try a low fat Subway) I don't know what all the fuss is about from certain people. hook a brother up!


no issues here.. The whole world thrives on fast food...Its up to the individual themselves how they maintain ones health. does Subway have a drive thru?

just trains at the subway.lol


The only time I would have a problem would be if it was a rainy day and there were 10 cop cars in the drive-through.


i also have no problems with this, they deserve to get a discount at least, i am sure they are big customers, saw a cop getting his just the other day,its a tough job being a cop these days, i certainly would hate to put up with what they have to, after watching those real cop tv shows, one can sympathise with them, so yeah why not, give them a break, and reward them a little, even if it is with bad food, i guess they gonna eat it anyhow.


Let's face it.... these guys deserve it. I would not put up with all the B@#((#&! they face every day, and if some business thank these guys in this way they have my full support!!


Why do just Police get the perks and not other important members of society eg Paramedics?


the poor police - if people want to offer them a free feed or cheap why shouldnt they accept. Blimey everyone enjoys a perk of the job - it not like they are asking or stealing or threatening. arent there more important things to worry about in this country


They have hard job, they deserve it


As a huge fan of NZ's best TV show (NOT SHORTLAND ST!) Police 10-7 the Police deserve a perk after putting up with all the munters and meatsacks they have to deal with. Keep up the great work Police and see you on Thursday at 7.30pm!


Hmm shouldn't all regular customers be entitled to a discount? Sure they work all hours but so do many other people.

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