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What exciting Christmas do you have planned?

I realised I've wasted some Christmas's getting to the end of my holidays having done very little. So now I'm determined to make the most of it. One time I hired a canoe, put in a pup tent and provisions and paddled the Able Tasman National park for four days. I've done a 4 day tramp to huts and this year I'm doing some of the more remote Mountain bike tracks I would otherwise never get to. Don't let another Xmas go by without doing something exciting!


Turning up at mum and dads who live on the lower shores of lake taupo - its free! and taking new partner - hmmmm - good idea or not - being isolated in a very small town for a week with new man and parents...nowhere to hide should things go awry.....


have to work over the holidays but going to party hard in Feb as got tickets to the Wellington Sevens?


Going to waihi beach for a couple of days before Christmas. Probs christmas at home. Sister coming to visit for a week, Then Maybe way up north for the first time ever. As well as working on my feature film and short film :D Penny Black Penny Black on Facebook Lapwing :)


im going to be having fun working shift


Skydiving, saving my coming weeks salary for it. Road trip with friends.


Back to Nans as it maybe her last Christmas. The whole family will be there tents and all.. nice coastal beach setting. and lots of love


Hopefully this year will be getting to spend some time kayaking if the weather is right.


...kicking back and relaxing with family and friends....as we usually do, its great to catch and have some fun together....especially if the weather is nice.....


No working, drinking , surfing, but most importantly, not working I can't bloody wait!

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