Discussing :: What do you plan to do before the end of the world next year?


What do you plan to do before the end of the world next year?

Apparently, according to the soothsayers, the world is going to end in 2012, again. I've decided to move overseas, save as many animals from harm as I can and tell stupid people who push such nonsense to shut the f*&% up. Join me anyone?

Is there any point in saving animals from harm if they're going to die at the end of the world anyway?


no thanks marcia i dont believe that world will end in 2012 .i know that there is said to be astronomical alignments that may cause something but no-one is certain . i believe that it may mean a start of a new era. maybe a new ice age or another major change but no i dont believe the world will end. we as a race may end but the world itself will be sweet.


...I'm the same as SS...I think I'd probably wake up on the day after the supposive said day and do what I always do roll over give my man a kiss and cuddle.....and get up and prepare for another day......and count my blessings...have to agree with Fi also you rounding up animals won't be of much use unless your husbands called Noah and he has a big arse ark parked in your drive way.....but if you do and he has....swing past mine on the way out of town will ya....lol

I reckon I could totally turn this house into an ark if the need arises...

....lmao good one Fi....let's just hope it never has to come to that...however good to know you have those skills...hahaha


Well, I'm figuring i don't need to worry about anyones Xmas wish lists any more but bugger it - my birthday is january - maybe I could bring it forward? (May as well get one last round of pressies before I go...)


Watch a few more Disaster Movies, lol. What else can you do?


might just build myself a big arse bunger in back yard shift tele and computer and heaps of food and booze into it and wait to see if i can be one of the survivors.



go to KFC for a feed and the Pub for a drink.


Hookers and Blow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to spend more and more quality time with my family, want to enjoy each and every moments with my kids playing lots of fun games with them and having lots of fun together.


this one sounds like a new years resolution to me....didn't plan to do anything before the 'last end of the world' and don't think i'll do much for this one either...lol

....lmao!....I hope I am doing something naughty and fun with my man at the time it hits.....lol....so at least we both have smiles on our faces......else be around my family and friends.....if I have to face the end of the world I want the people I love around me.....but in saying that I don't want to fuel the advocates either....the old guy Henry Camping needs his head read!....he scares a lot of people with his predictions.....


but how is the world going to end? earthquakes, nuke blast, aliens, volcanic eruptions? any other choices?

the dying of other life forms will kill off the human race. if we lost trees , bees and other such life forms we cant survive without them.but i think when the world does end it wont be in my lifetime nor yours.


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