Discussing :: What Brand to buy? Canterbury, Nike or Adidas ???


What Brand to buy? Canterbury, Nike or Adidas ???

Lets find out here, my choice is Canterbury. Keep it local!


Canterbury would be my choice for clothing. I wish Canterbury were still the sponsors of the All Blacks though. If I bought the current AB top then this would be the only Adidas item I owned. Keep it local for sure.


Canterbury. Support New Zealanders without buying into the big corporate brands. I have a canterbury uglies tshirt. I love it.


I honestly think a better question would be - which brand, between Adidas and Nike, complement the Canterbury brand more? And in that case it is without a shadow of a doubt - Adidas! This brand has been synonymous with the leaders in rugby. And where do the big names in NZ rugby predominantly come from...? Canterbury (am I stepping on anyone's toes yet? :-). There is a proud legacy when you wear either CCC or Adidas, in particular throughout NZ, so why not wear them both?!


i look for designs that i like, good quality, comfortable and affordability. if they're met then i don't mind buying any of the brands mentioned.


Canterbury. Why would you support an overseas company (though Canterbury may be made off shore, I don't know). Canterbury is a very good brand. And seriously, there is nothing 'cool' about Adidas or Nike any more.


This are all superb and quality brands, I buy my shoes on Adidas, my sports accessories with Nike, and for clothing with Canterbury, our very own Kiwi Brank, good for myself and my mates... Cheers!


Out of the three you suggested id pick canterbury For glasses im strict oakley


I have to say Canterbury the other two are over rated. You pay too much for just the brand. Canterbury are more reasonably priced.


Canterbury have been dressing sports teams and supplying casual clothes to New Zealanders for a lot longer than other clothing companies and I would much rather be seen wearing their gear than Nike or Adidas, remember a flashy label doesnt mean top quality


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