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What are ADIDAS thinking?

Having rocked many pairs of Adidas kicks since the 80's when RunDMC "Walked through classroom doors and rolled all over Colosseum floors..." I've been fairly disappointed with how they've represented themselves over the Rugby Jersey price. I don't think the price point is the issue, if I wanted to walk around in an Authentic AB's jersey (I don't) I'd folk out the cash and feel pleased with knowing I'm wearing something expensive and special - the same way I'd spend that amount on a pair of Jeans and not be too bothered by the price if I liked them enough. Where I think they have acted poorly is in letting overseas markets sell them a lot cheaper without letting NZers order them online for that price. Wake-up ADIDAS - It's a global market place in 2011 and we can buy anything online from anywhere in the world. Telling us we can't just makes us angrier. This reminds me of how the corporate music industry failed to listen to what the people wanted 15 years ago and unwittingly missed the opportunity to prevent the swell of piracy we have now. ADIDAS, keep your NZ price as is, but don't stop me finding a cheaper price online if I'm smart enough to look for one!


Somebody give that man an AB jersey! Couldn't agree more Bryn. Any corporate that fails to see that we live in a world market is woefully shortsighted. And those that try to stamp their shortsightedness on us, well they'll end up losing out on my money for good.


Yup - same thing happening in Hollywood. If the game changes you learn the new rules, you don't throw a tanty and insist everyone play the old game.


Shame on ADIDAS and shame on the NZRU for supporting them in their decision to try and force Kiwis to have to purchase the more expensive shirts. It is all about money - nothing else. Yes they put a lot of money in the AB's but they make a lot back out of it as this is a popular brand all over the world. How many average Kiwis can afford over $200 for a shirt anyway. People are quick to criticize the Govt. for hurting the pockets of the average person living in this country...did ADIDAS really think they were above this sort of response. It is no surprise that the prices are suddenly dropping at places like Rebel Sports.


I did prefer Adidas wears to other notable brands...until now...I did however find it very amusing when they were on Close Up...trying to justify the pricing of the AB jersey. How stupid were they to think that someone wouldn't take a squizz online to see if the price was cheaper...but to then pull a quick one and remove our piece of paradise from the shipping options...shame on them...and as for Steve Tew of NZRFU I loss faith in that drop kick longtime ago...so seeing him on Close Up not long after trying to calm things down was laughable he is all about the profits and seems to forget about the game and the fans that love it IMHO...

One thing is true about us kiwis we will dig in head down ar$e up when we know someone is trying to pull a quick one especially when it effects our love for the beautiful game....I'm just hoping all this going on doesn't have an affect on our boys when they are on the field.....though I would love a replica AB world cup jersey I have some similar old time favs that will shine just as good...albeit a bit tighter...lol


The thing is alot of big companies block web sales to different countries to allow that countries license holder to have a legitimate business reason, sure it might not seem fair or like its ripping kiwis off. But end of day we are a small country in the arse end of the world with a very very minor market, so of course things are going to cost more. Freight is higher and the market is smaller so therefore stuff will end up being more expensive as they dont have the option to make money via volume sales need to do a bit more of a mark up on products as you wont be selling as much they prob will sell more all blacks jerseys in usa than here!

I bet most people would bawl their eyes out if people from overseas were allowed to compete for your job/market pretty sure i could get a well qualified tradesman from overseas for a 1/4 the price of one here!
yet they are the first to moan when they cant buy something cheaper from overseas and its un ethical to block sales!


I reckon it's a classic case of "Head Office" syndrome...the big wigs that look at the balance sheets over in Adidas headquarters in Europe have no real feel for the depth of feeling about this in NZ....and it only took a couple of bad decisions to set the price and then stick to their guns to escalate and damage their brand and reputation MAJORLY....


yeah but you don't like the price then don't buy it then the price will quickly change, maybe this is just part of a viral marketing campaign, what is everyone talking about at the moment? Yup adidas Bit like the hell pizza guys its all free advertising at the end of the day 2-3 front newspaper pages leading on the news haha you cant pay for that kind of exposure well you prob could but far cheaper to create a scandal.


ADIDAS is like any other business in the world. It is trying to make as much money as possible.


I think New Zealanders over pay for everything and we are viewed as a soft market full of suckers.

It's probably more that we're so bloody poor compared with the rest of the world.


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