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Vodaphone Smart Mini

This looks a very impressive phone for the money this will be a very popular phone


My only concern is that one will not have a choice but to stay with vodafone, it might be a good phone but the provider might not be!


This is a great new piece of technology. They really needed to bring out a smaller smart phone well done Vodafone.


This is the phone where high tech and affordability meet. Had to happen. Had to happen on 'Getfrank'.


Like with all new things on the market, most people have to wait for couple of "newer edition phones", to come out so that the old "vodaphone smart new mini' comes down to an affordable phone. unlike John Keys,on Top wages who says we are thru the recession... some are still trying to keep bills paid instead of buying brand new off the shelf phones ect


Yay I'm so pleased there is an entry level option now. There are so many people that want the smartphone functionality without having to pay a fortune for it. I think this will be a popular christmas present (yes I said the C word)


The main problem with all of smart phones I see this days is quite simple, if you want a great phone you need to spend at least $1k specially in NZ but anything under that can not even be described as good and it's not always the screen is smaller or it's quality makes you wish for something better but the rest of it stands below average line. With the phones like this, it gives as a good choice for not top chain but somewhere between mid to high end but with a very good price tag on it. Thank you Vodafone for making this work for everyone!!!


I think its amazing how affordable this phone is with how hard it is to make good money these days without first getting a student loan to get qualifications. A must have! P.s the way "vodaphone" in this is spelt really bugs me!!!!


I remember hearing that there are two classes of people, ones with smart phones and ones without. I'm glad to say this phone will put that class distinction to rest.


That being said I'm still in the 'without' camp! Damm, damm, damm!


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