Discussing :: Violent attacks toward tourists.


Violent attacks toward tourists.

Do you think tourist safety is a big concern for our tourism industry?

Keen to know what peoples views are on this topic.

If you were a Tourist potentially traveling to NZ would the fact that there have been several reports of Violence and Attacks toward Tourists put you off? No doubt there is risk and possibility in anything and everything in life, along with opportunists. However I think for such a small country it really is disgusting how many Tourist attacks/robberies do happen.

I can honestly say when I read articles about attacks and violence, especially that are common it would definitely deter me from travelling to that destination.


It's sad but true, New Zealand is getting up there with other developed countries and their crime statistics.
A tourist must treat every country they visit as an unsafe place to be.
Parking up and leaving valuables in their rental car whilst going for a scenic walk is absolute madness.
I personally think, the opportunist scum bags who are behind crime don't deliberately target tourists, they identify something that someone has which they want.
The message is simple really, be suspicious of everyone and adjust your personal security accordingly.
Would anyone in their right mind walk the streets of The Bronx late at night even in a group?


Doing more harm to overseas visitor numbers than the high NZ dollar.
When caught, they need to be also prosecuted for treason. They most definitly are targeted. Tourist have expensive cameras, carry stacks of cash are way out of their comfort zone. Most come over here with the belief NZ is a crime free country so their guard is lowered.


Growing up in a tourist area, I find it disturbing to hear about these attacks (mainly by locals or those living nearby). Some areas rely on the tourist industry to provide jobs for local and bring money into the area. If only those dimwits who carry out these attacks and robberies would have a think about that instead of themselves. Sadly, it will keep happening so we all need to be vigilant when we see suspicious behaviour etc and just warn visitors to hide valuables, lock their vehicles, don't camp on the road side etc. Its always good to see kiwi's rally to the rescue of the victims though, offering them accommodation etc.


Maybe if the media would STFU instead of treating each attack like its some sort of tourism 911...?


Todays world in not safe and NZ is no different. Whether a citizen or a tourist, you have to be vigilant about safety and well being. It is very shameful hearing about violent attacks etc on anyone. Our society has a real big issue with alcohol and violence and not much is being done about it. I would like to see less booze outlets, increase in drinking age or even alcohol being removed from our society altogether. It has brought more harm than good. Sure NZ is beautiful but its people can be ugly.


Unfortunately I would always warn tourists to be careful in NZ as locals wouldn't consider many areas safe... many travellers in NZ have an idea that we are safe as, but I feel safer travelling in many countries with a large reputation for violence than I do in parts of NZ!


i encourage family and friends to come over for a visit and warn them that its no safe place. how i wish it is so everyone will be here...the perfect place on earth. i think you just have to be cautious and be at the right place at the right time and not otherwise.

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