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US gun laws

I can see the reason to have a weapon for hunting, as is common in New Zealand, but I can not see the point in the public being allowed to own assault weapons which were designed for war and mass killing.

How do you feel about all this?


It will take another 10 senseless slaughters at random primary schools, before US legislators find the balls to come up against the NRA. They'll continue to use the excuse that it's not the availability of assault weapons or the way people purchase but the underlining mental health issues. Gun culture is like the smoking culture of the 50's.....change will take decades regardless of the death rate.
My thoughts are for the innocent kids not the 'head in the sand politicians. All it takes is a dominant voice to say enough is enough...I hope Obama can divert the tide but I'm not going to hold my breath.


Not sure that it's a gun control issue but perhaps a mental health or access to health care problem. Although there is no denying there is a concerning gun culture in the States. I feel like a ban and underground dealing would make problems much much worse.


I don't know how they are going to be able to get on top of this problem now. It is too late to ban guns as JamesM is right it will just go underground. Stricter laws for the future are needed but you are not going to be able to stop the people who already have weapons. Impossible to enforce. They need to do something though, as it is innocents that are losing their lives.


I never realised just how bad the U.S Gun Laws were until I watched 'Bowling for Columbine' years ago, and saw a bank in Texas giving people opening a new account with them...... a shotgun! Unbelievable. I really hope they change things.


Ever since they passed the law for the general public to wield guns the crime rate decreased and look at the shootings that have taken place , there all in places where there are gun bans so the law abiding citizens are going to follow those rules but a criminal doesnt care for the law and will take a gun into a place where people are defenseless.I dont think they need to change their gun laws but they do need to start improving how they screen people getting guns.


I find it weird at what is available for purchase in the US relating to guns, gosh you can practically get your hands on anything there. Its also interesting the response the NRA gave at a recent press conference about people boycotting etc, and offering to donate funds towards prevention. The shootings happening in the US seem to be ever increasing and it is sad to see that still people won't support tighter restrictions on gun purchasing etc. I wonder what it is going to take for something tangible to be done....those poor babies....I hope something positive comes out of this tragedy.

Also was interesting to see on the news that the day and days soon after the shooting gun shops were selling high level guns like they were going out of fashion...to me that's weird that these tragedies increase sales thats just ridiculous.....it is probably in fear of not being able to get their hands on them if laws are implemented.......some of my partners family love to go hunting but they are always safety first and cautious of everything and they are even shocked at the level of he said, she said stuff going on over there....all talk but wheres the action....


Americans have very strange ideas about guns, very fanatical, can't see things changing over there at all, there will still be mass shootings and still be rantings and ravings and it will go on just like before, nothing will change.

...hypocrisy is a word I'd use with them in regard to gun laws it just gets me going how they can try and justify gun use when their is mass shootings is so wrong....and I tend to agree Greg, there are so many people over their so militant about the right to bare arms that unfortunately that will probably mean the possibility of more shootings like this...makes me appreciate little ole NZ, am not saying we are crystal clear but am grateful all the same.....


Not sure how they can fix this problems but tighening the rules is a start not allowing more guns in schools etc. Just like in NZ someone nearly fired that cops dazzer, what if he'd had a gun???


Tightening the gun laws is a good first step. They have to start somewhere.

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