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US Government Shutdown

You know, as much as we bitch, bleat and whine about our government (any of them) and our form of government (all of them), the current situation in the US should give us pause to appreciate that New Zealand is not run by the same sort of goobahs that have been elected in the US. If nothing else, our governments are sufficiently accountable that if they did try something like a closedown they would be out of the streets the next day, possibly with the Governor-General's boot mark firmly imprinted on their rears as happening in Australia in 1975...advantages, I guess, of NOT being a republic...


I have to disagree as New Zealand really is being run by a bunch of Goobahs at the moment, hopefully for not much longer though.

Oh please, oh please, oh please!!!


To be honest both the NZ and the US Governments are as bad as each other - both have massive debts and their own issues to resolve. Our government may not have the same problems as the US, but in my opinion the US is run far better than our own country. I'd prefer Obama over Key to lead as PM/President any day. Our parliament is quite frankly a joke the way they bicker like school kids, and fail to recognise and deliver what the general population want (we are in a republic after all), in the end they do what they feel like.

I agree with you. I'm hoping that someone takes a bunch of clips of Key behaving badly in parliament and strings them into a clip to go viral before the next election to show the country how INCREDIBLY poorly he behaves and how little he really cares about important issues.

Have you seen this website? http://www.economist.com/content/global_debt_clock
It has the comparisons of all countries debt levels per capita & their GDP level.

I think US's complete inability to agree on a budget, forcing their workers to have leave without pay is a complete stuff up. At least when other governments argue (which they should do, it's good to argue in order to achieve objectives) they don't have the ability to do what US has done in the last few weeks


Maybe they should take down their "situationally aware" UCAVS (drones) out of Pakistan and Afghanistan.


It's not healthy what is happening in the US - this will have a knock-on effect worldwide.


An advertisement for First Past the Post and accept the will of the majority.


I've been reading up on this, and I just cannot wrap my head around how they got so messed up... damn Republicans. And all over universal health care... like it's a BAD thing...


It's bizarre to see a campaign speech by a Tea Party candidate, where they whip up the crowd into a frenzy of chanting "SHUT IT DOWN!" Then when it is shut down, they point the finger, and say it is 100 percent the fault of the Democrats, and President Obama.


I am glad I am not a government employee in the US at the moment. The ones making the stupid decisions get paid while the employees get shafted!! Shame on them.


The system of government in the US just doesn't make sense to me at all! I know we complain about ours here in NZ but ate least it is easier to understand!

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