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Today is the 11.11.11

...am wondering if anyone will be celebrating this day in any special way in typical fashion there will be weddings all over the world...some naysayers who predict the end of the world to day remember the old grump Camping....who predicted the world would end twice and got it wrong he also mentions this day as a possibility.....lol...I have an ex who is born on the 11th of the 11 may flick him an email just to wish him a happy birthday.....hopefully he doesn't reply....lol Here are some interesting and weird things relating to this date - 11.11.11 is special because there is no other date that consists of all the same number. The day comes around once every 100 years, meaning tomorrow is the only time many people will be alive to experience the unique date. - Some websites are predicting the date 11.11.11 marks the end of the world because the comet Elenin, Earth, Venus and Mercury are expected to align. - 111111 x 111111 = 12345654321 - The movie 11.11.11 will be released on the 11.11.11. It follows a famed American author whose wife and child are killed. He keeps seeing the number 11 and soon realises 11.11.11 is more than just a date, it's a warning. - 11.11.11 marks the 93rd anniversary of Armistice Day. Armistice Day was the last day of WWI. It is observed with one minute of silence at 11am. - The last time 11.11.11 occurred, temperatures dropped significantly in the United States. On November 11,1911, Kansas City was a warm 76F (24C) in the morning - but this had dropped to 11F (-12C) by the end of the day. It also dropped substantially in other states. The event became known as the Great Blue Norther. - The date is seen as being a lucky and many people around the world have chosen to make it their wedding date. Thousands are expected to flock to Las Vegas... there's no forgetting the anniversary! - The number 11.11.11 is a classic example of apophenia, the human urge to see patterns in essentially random events. - A group from the Netherlands have declared the 11.11.11 the third world day of interconnectedness and have a number of events planned, including a guided visualisation journey and a 'Mirror of Love' gathering


I was married at 11:11am on the 11th of Nov (a few years back...), so I guess it's my ex-wedding anniversary. I usually call my ex to catch up, but I'm not sure I will this year, his life has been both wonderful and very difficult since we split and I feel like I'm just a reminder of a failure in his past. We'll see. I have til tomorrow anyway, since he lives in the USA.

Happy ex wedding anniversary Fiona! You should do something nice for yourself, if nothing else! It's the 11th of the 11th of 2011 after all!

....what is it with these American men....lol my ex who I mentioned above lives in the US and he is celebrating his birthday as well....so I have a day to decide as well....lol...but I probably will give him a call since I was the one who took off.....and I doubt he will cause a big fuss about it....well at least I don't think he will....lol........

Did you call? I should be doing it right now, but I just can't be bothered. Arg!! Okay, I'll do it. I'll call his cell, he'll be working, I'll leave a message and that will be that for another year. :)

Done!! Unfortunately I then called his office expecting to get another machine, but spoke to one of the other therapists there who told me when he had a break, so now I feel obligated to call back...

...Yep I did...I too rang his office and was told by his new secretary that he was out but that she could transfer me to his cell number....lol...and insisted on it because it sounded like my call was long distance...(even though I do have his cell number) so I spoke to him we had a really good chat, well as cool as it gets I suppose...but then he put his mum on the phone and then his dad...lol...but they were always pretty great to me...so it wasn't a major....but honestly I was happy when it was over and so was my partner....lol...I thought he would get all grumpy but he was sweet with it....didn't tell him though that my ex is going to email me pictures of his birthday party celebrations.....o the joy!...lol

Well I got through and he told me all about the last year of his life (hard) then he had to go and he told me we should skype. And I agreed. Damn it! No time frame though, so maybe it can wait til our next ex-anniversary...


i was quite excited by the date i must admit

...its weird though how every plays on the date...ohh this will happen and that will happen...its good luck know its back luck...the world is going to end...that kind of stuff.......but yes it is exciting...

I can't say I was 'excited' but I do admit to thinking, calmly, 'oh, cool' and posting "Happy Corduroy Appreciation Day!" on facebook... : )


luck, schmuck. it's just cool that the numbers all line up - nothing to do with luck at all

...my thoughts exactly...I love them 1's all lined up in a cool little line......people just try to come up with other reasoning...


yeah my prohesy was that nothing would happen at 11.11am 11.11.11 and i was right!

Oh wow! Does this make you a prophet?? From the Church of St. Jabes...? Well, you got one prediction right, if you were a farm animal you'd be on National TV by now.

and you presume im not?


It's fascinating to watch peoples future predictions......check this out Arthur C Clarke predicting the future in 1964. What yours for 50 yrs time? Mine definitely some sort of hybrid computer driven transportation ordered by computer predicted habits or by human chip embedded comms powered by arterial flow or NFD charging rig. (bye-bye phones wallets ids) Chip id would be DNA validated and not transferable to anyone else. Control of disease by nanobots a reality. Synaptic pattern capture for mental health monitoring and dream state idea capture for corporate use in production realisation........ Wow that was great coffee this morning!!

....In 50 years there will many big, rotund people who can't be bothered doing anything but spread out on their backs, barking orders at robots that are mass produced in China to be at their every beck and call...and these robotics were promoted as improving our quality of life...lol...there will be robots for everything imaginable and YES even that...lol...men will purchase female robots because they don't bitch and whinge, and get them beers and women will purchase male robots because they clean up after themselves, can dance and a sensitive to a women's need. It will be rare for humans who socialise outside of a virtual world....and so the world will be shot to hell and the human race will be dependent on computers....can't wait LMAO!


22.22.22 will be the next big one!

....what happened to 12.12.12?

"2012" doesn't look as impressive as year "2222"


does not the fact it is 11.11.2011 make a difference ? playing with numbers is fun when you can see patterns and logic- sometine even illogic.

We'll just have to go for palindromes then. Roll on 21/02/2012


Guess what. Next year a week from today it is going to be 12.12.12 How cool is that? To bad DeeDee posted first.

...am sure if you come back into GF on that date you may be the first to post it....lol...but I can't promise anything....lol


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