Discussing :: The new practical driving test - is it just too hard?


Let’s be real here they needed to raise the standard. If people fail their test so what, they need to lift their game and try again, isn't that what life's all about. A drivers license shouldn’t come in the weetbix box as it did in the past.


I have had my car licence for 15 years and am about to take my practical motorbike licence so will no doubt find out about this... I agree with comments above that the current test probably isnt too hard - its just strict and if you stick to the rules and the rode code you should have no issue. Failing to stop at a stop sign should fail you - thats a pretty simple instruction to adhere to... The biggest issue for most drivers is confidence I believe - when they can do the 'driving' bit naturally they can concentrate more on the road and the rules that come with driving.


It's funny because after 7 years of being on my restricted I went for my full and I failed. Shame.. But what's interesting is what they failed me on, they were quite perdantic i thought. One thing was when turning into a road, I turned into the lane closest to me (it was a two lane road) I did this becuase there was a car in the other lane, however he said you must always turn in the far lane to avoid holding people up. I thought that was very strange. second reason was when I started the car I had my handbrake on and tried to reserve and then realised and corrected my action but apparently this was a big no no too. Second time I went for my licence it was easy, but I was embrassed after failing and did find it over the top. But In saying that I think they probably should be hard on drivers today as there are so many bad ones on the road!


I think they are being a bit to harsh. Instead of looking at how new drivers are driving they should really be looking at the drivers that are out there now. I know that most car accidents are caused by younger drivers but shouldnt we be looking at the adults who are teaching these kids how to drive instead of failing the new drivers for stupid mistakes that I am sure happen all the time even with experienced drivers.


I probably would fail if I had to retest. I have never been able to parrellel park (wasn't in my test) and haven't ever tried. I will purposely drive past one (my mates go there's a park but I always say ooooohhhh didn't see it) until I find a park no matter how far it is from where I want to be.


I have two daughters in their early 20s who have spent the last five years relying on trains to get into uni and so on and now they have graduated and working they need to get their licenses. I don't have much confidence in them passing first time but am trying to stay hopeful that their confidence doesn't get too knocked. It's the boy racers who need to clamped down on. With their jigged up cars they have more money and bravado than sense.


They have deffibnitley made the practical driving test harder in the past year. You used to be able to get your learners at fifteen but now it has changed to sixteen! I do think that this is a sensible decision because then at least teenagers will be mature enough to learning how to drive sensibly. Fifteen just seems to young to put someone responsible for driving a vehicle!


I am 35 and still on my restricted! had my restricted for 20 years - whoops! do I want to go for my full...hmmm


When I sat my practical for my Restricted, there were three of us sitting at the same time. We all got in to our cars; the other two both backed out of their car parks and backed straight in to each other. The instructor looked at me and said "You'll pass as long as you don't do anything that stupid." Like hit someone on a pedestrian crossing?? Lol


Its not too hard its a matter of practicing the correct manouvres and techniques required to pass the test!! Most of us are too blazzae with "she'll be right" attitude and think we will pass with only having a few lessons, however there is more to driving than merely sterring the car and this is what NZTA is trying to to...to make us more aware of safer driving!!!


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