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Licensing is just another tax. If the government directed all the revenue generated by associated road taxes into safer roads and not the consolidated fund we would have a roading network to be proud of. Will testing people really change behaviours which cause many accidents, I think not. Learners are normally quite conservative in both their driving style and speed, which probably is statistically discoverable. Like i've said just another tax with a little job generation thrown in for good measure.


Sounds like a license to print money for the evaluators.


I think you can argue both ways: a) It's good because it helps stop some of the young hoons from getting out there 'legally' a bit more or at least ensuring they can 'pretend' or adopt the shape society wants them to be in. b) Hoons will be hoons and you can't stop them. It's just a way to make more money for driving schools and testing facilities. We don't need such stringent testing. Ending note: I believe that when it comes to the question of human life that we must never be too easy to avoid safety limits. I think the 'change' in standards is the reason for the dramatic increase in fail rates while sitting the practical driving test. If you give it a bit more time, I'm sure the 'smarts' of how to 'ace' or pass the test will be widely shared and the pass rates will increase too (my prediciton).


they'll always be hoons, stupid, unlicensed drivers, asains (lol) and old people on NZ roads to ruin it for the rest of us


I am not sure i am qualified to comment, as i do not drive, however when my daughter was learning through the driving school, the instructor was english, he was simply amazed at how easy our test were, he said in the UK, you would never get anything as easy as this,so for me that says it all, YES our tests are way too easy,you only have to see some of the driving skills on the road today, and there are some out there that should never ever have been given a driving licence, so i am all for it, i am sure it is not that hard, would be silly to make it so hard no-one can pass it.,a no-brainer.


when I went for my driving test many moons ago (32) it was well known that certain police testers ask you to do something that you shouldn't & if you did it you would fail. as if you arnt nervous enough. sure enough i got asked to back up a hill & then continue backing into a side street.I would never have done this especially as anyone coming over the hill would crash into me the same with the side street so i opted to go down the bottem of the street & do a 3 point turn. not a word was said by my tester & i passed. I hope they dont still do that as the test is presumed to be harder but in our local paper I think it was recently, that the higher percent failing are the older drivers & not the younger ones. apparently there is a new way to hold a steering wheel. i think if i went for it i may fail even tho I am a good driver. I do have to relate the new right turn rule to how it is to a turn that i do regularly locally. also what they ask you to do around the westgate area is apparently what you think you would get failed for. so yes I think it's perhaps a revenue thing more than anything else & my young nephew should never have been passed for his restricted as when i see him drive its anything but safe so i hope when he does go for his test that they fail him so he can learn to drive responsibly but probably not. as you can always do the proper & right thing on your test & then off you go & be stupid when you have your license. I dont think to log book or not to log book is that great as you are supposed to do so many hours before going for your restricted, well the lad i'm talking about didnt do it & just waited the 6 months or whatever it is without driving hardly at all with both his learners & restricted so how many others out there are doing the same & foling the system. but thats my gripe.


I think driving a car is too hard & I am too worried that I might cause an accident or make someone crash so I don't think I will ever get a license or do a driving test. any test for me is hard as I forget stuff so I don't think i'd get past the written & oral let alone get in a car for the practical. yes too hard definately.


If you cannot pass a driving test error free you should not be driving on public roads. Its pretty simple people. You can either do it or you cant do it. i dont want other road users out there who are not 100% competent. When did STOP not mean STOP?? A rolling stop is not STOP and was never acceptable in the first place. May sound abit harsh but I want to also be reassurred that everyone out there is fully competent to operate what is essentially a death machine.


hahah he hit a pedestrian? come on you must be blind ... but none the less MEGA FAIL...i guess i got mine in the nick of time it's true it's a lot harder now some of my mates are failing hardout... but it's better in a way it'll make us better drivers, i think it was too easy too pass before so little kids get their restricted and drive some crappy old car and crash it. I know in Europe it's a lot harder to pass especially in Norway they test your ass to the limit. It's all Good just practise and don't rush into things so quick it'll save you the reset fee in the future lol. Chur


They are very strict with the driving test, which is good but causes more people to fail though.

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