Discussing :: The new practical driving test - is it just too hard?


I think it's too hard. The majority of the major crashes that happen are due to people being stupid, ie drinking, being tired, not wearing seatbelts etc, rather than a lack of ability. Having it too difficult may also put some people of going throught the correct channels of sitting and passing the test. Obviously, you should be able to follow the road rules and know how to steer the car, but they don't need to be too picky about it.


Tougher tests are better id say. glad I got my full a while ago now!! But they seem to blame young ones for the crashes all the time but its mixed, look at the older ones out there failing to give way or slamming on there brakes all the time. Its not only th young ones, its also the older generation to.


it shouldn't be too hard. The people doing driver-lessons should be taught to this new testing and it just sounds you have to be overly defensive in your driving to pass the test - Re-testing should be done to all license holders every ten years.


My friend just failed her test because she didn't do a head check. He made her do the whole rest of the test, and then said she failed instantly when she didn't look behind. I kind of think they like to fail everyone the first time around. It used to be they only failed the guys...


The driving test was hard enough to pass even before they introduced the tougher test. One local instructor here failed a lot of people (thank god he recently retired), even if your driving was near perfect, for the mere reason of making the AA some profit. The cost of attaining you licence (in three stages) is far too costly. The eye test doesn't work, many people have complained about those - you can't even see the last line of print without closing one eye and squinting... it's not like we read road signs with font that tiny. The whole process needs review.

I failed my eye test, then I paid heaps at the optometrist to get a certificate to say my eyes were fine. I was not happy about that.

My partner is about to sit her Restricted shortly and I'm worried she'll fail it for something stupid because she's getting nervous after hearing how hard it is now and how so many people fail. She's a good, safe driver most of the time though.


Revenue collecting. It takes a fair amount of time and practice to perfect driving. If they make it all to hard then the kids will just spend more time on the road as unlicenced drivers. Maybe they should go a little easier and have a new sign for those that have just passed. "new to the road"!


Why would you want less than competent people out there driving on the same roads as your partners and children or your parents. I don't want someone perfecting their driving skills on the open road. It's not a test track or a training ground its a place for suitably skilled individuals to operate killing machines without killing anyone else. To say the test is "too hard" is a cop out. Get good enough to pass or don't drive on the road with me. there's no rules limiting what type of car you can buy even though you may not have the skills of other road users. Some young people these days are driving around in 300 to 500hp cars and they cannot control them.


It is nowhere near too hard! The harder the better, there are far too many idiots on the road these days. And they shoul enforce correct motorway use. The right hand lanes are only for overtaking, keep left when possible and undertaking is to allowed!


I drive sweet, got my full at 15 years old, been driving 26 years with only one serious accident (an old man U turned from the side of the road on state highway 1 at night across my path... only quick reactions by me avoided the guy being killed & possibly myself... I was only 22 at the time & the police said I did everything right). I think it was hard enough back when I got mine in 87... ? I should have got it in 86 but dragged it out until they said they were going to bring in restricted licencing haha. Cars were expensive, slow & parents didn't buy you one in those days... so you had to save from when you were 13 or 14 working after school jobs & holidays if you were going to buy one. So you respected the road & rules alot more at a younger age. You also couldn't push the limits of your 1969 mk1 Escort with it's biscuit tyres & 1100cc engine that you paid $2500 for by saving at your $2 $3.50 an hour jobs... Term deposit earned 16% interest though so your savings grew faster... I sound old haha


I loved the 'life time' license I got 30 years ago, I'm on my 3rd now, to be renewed again next year. I don't love the updated photos though, I look really dead these days. I feel if the government invested in discounted defensive driving courses for everyone and made them compulsary, the pass rate would be higher. But hey that will never happen, they can't even make life-jackets a legal requirement. Well where would they position their revenue gathering cameras?


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