Discussing :: The new practical driving test - is it just too hard?


The new practical driving test - is it just too hard?

Ten weeks after the introduction of the new 'tougher' practical driving test, the pass rate has fallen to a miserable 41 per cent - compared to around 80 per cent before the new test was introduced. Apparently, this means about 600 new Kiwi drivers are failing the test every week. The new-style test is terminated if a driver makes at least two errors, and a 'rolling stop' - not stopping completely at a stop sign - means instant failure. So are the new arrangements fair, or is this road safety gone mad? A friend of mine, many years ago, failed his test after hitting a pedestrian on a zebra crossing - I guess that was one example where the examiner got it spot on. What do others think?


As a seasoned driver, I know we all make small errors of judgement and sometimes overrate our own abilities, but a 60% fail rate smacks of an over-the-top reaction to the current youth driving crisis which is fuelled by alcohol drugs and fast cars coupled with a bullet-proof attitude. If the current test also fails experienced older drivers then it is probably too objective and less subjective making no room for the common driving errors that plague most of us. When I sat my license over 30 years ago I stalled at the main lights and in my panic activated wipers and headlights....how would I have gone today ???


No it's not too hard. We definitely need a higher standard of drivers on the road, ones who are courteous and use their indicators at intersections and roundabouts. Yes we all make small mistakes and anyone sitting a driving test should be able to handle a little bit of pressure while sitting their Practical Test. That’s what the real world is like. Drugs & alcohol are a different issue. The funny thing is all NZ Drivers have one thing in common, we all consider ourselves good drivers even though the Road Statistics show otherwise.


They should give fines and demerit points for not indicating as quickly as they do for speeding and license breaches. They'd make a fortune at some of the roundabouts in Hamilton.


I think a few of our more experianced driverscould stand to re-sit the practical test for a bit of a refresher. I'm a bit of a late bloomer and have only been driving for a couple of years, but I feel that most everyday traffic infringements I witness are from older drivers not younger ones. And the arrogance they display if you toot them is unreal. If there was more of a willingness to self-analyse one's own driving and re-test periodically we might not have so many accidents. Hell a forklift license has to be re-sat every three years for the purposes of refreshing the safety elements required in operating one and for the most part they are operated in low pedestrain and traffic areas. Cars are used everyday all day on the roads and you only have to prove you know the safety aspects once for what, 50 years? Seems a ittle strange to me. Do other countries make their citizens re-sit driving tests periodically?


DeeDee previously mentioned that Mercedes will release an Auto Pilot Car in 2013, wonder how that would go in a practical driving test. A true test like that would be interesting.


Please elucidate.


Resit, are you crazy? I have trouble just passing the eye test!!


My daughter passed her practical test a few years ago, l still think they need alot more time driving solo before sitting the final. I believe the final test needed to be harder, l could have got to sleep instead of listening out for her to get home.


lol "failed his test after hitting a pedestrian on a zebra crossing" that is funny... hope he doesnt hit too many pedestrians on the road now!! i think tougher tests are good because its better to be safe than sorry! And people tend to be more cautious when they sit through practical tests anyway so if they are already making mistakes while being cautious, imagine how dangerous they could be on the road...


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