The first Rugby Champs game was a pleasure to watch. Very good to see that we have MIGHTY depth again to cover all positions. The new scrum rules make the game more interesting again, I personally love the new rules. Once all teams have adapted to the new rules it will be very exciting to see who has the best scrum power and technique. I am also very happy to see that Robbie Deans has been vindicated, let the AUSSIES dig their own grave from now on. GO THE MIGHTY ALL BLACKS, the next world cup will be ours again.


the all blacks had a great win i think in my opinion, but all the media can say is that their performance lacked something, and there is huge amount of room for improvement. We scored 40 odd points can't we pat the lads on the back. Dam the kiwi tall poppy syndrome, why can we not celebrate our achievements more rather than knocking the lads. Yes they can always do better but they thrashed Australia and to me that is a great thing.

Yeah we didn't play amazingly though. We were lacking, but we still won so who cares. Just lucky the Australians weren't on top form. What was up with Mog's kicking? Christ...


Go The All Blacks that was an awesome win. No matter what anyone says we won and that's all that matters


Good win by the AB's. Hoping for another win next weekend. A few things need to be worked on though like the lineouts


Here comes King Cruden. Possibly the best charge down rugby player of the 21st century. I'm curious as to the thoughts on players getting into the all blacks on reputation as opposed to form ?


I think crudeness did damn well and proved himself a worthy all black. Overall the team did great but there is improvement needed with line outs and ball passing skills. Can't wait to see them play again soon.....


Aussie media bagging McCaws return. Laughed my head off when he got a try. Who has months of serious rugby then goes to a international with a shit load of critics on his back and plays like that. Only Ritchie does that’s who! sure he gave away a couple of penalties but that just proves we was getting stuck right into it.


They are looking in good form to win the bledisloe, even with injuries


I think these International matches are getting all too predictable. Its high time other countries start pulling up their socks if they want to make a match of it, especially with the AB's.


Aussie lost the match... no surprises there.

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