Discussing :: The Loss of a Great Man and Example to the World - Nelson Mandela


The Loss of a Great Man and Example to the World - Nelson Mandela

I just created this thread as i am a South African, now living in NZ and i know there is already a huge buzz around the world with regards to his death but i had to say something here and pay tribute.. i do believe he wasnt perfect, but then again who is?!! But the courage he showed for being in prison for that long and the forgiveness he gave to all those who wronged him .... was remarkable and definitely a good lesson to learn in life... revenge isnt always the best thing... I am so grateful to have lived during his time as president of my country and its sad that things are not as they used to be in South Africa... but i am grateful for my new home here in NZ and although SA will always be in my heart and always be a country i am proud of... NZ is now a country i will continue to learn in and grow in... :)


A truly humble, man of the people. He will be a great loss for not only south Africa and its people but for all nations of the world. His spirit will live on in the legacy of a democratic South Africa.


I totally agree and the world will be a sadder place now that he has past. Definitely the man of the past century and early 21st. Rest in Peace.


He was very active in his senior years which is inspiring.


Such an inspirational man. Will be truly missed but his ideas and passion will live on.


A great man and hopefully more will take his place


Good on you Micht. I think people have made Mandela a saint like figure akin to Mother Teresa but he was not afraid of controversy. I think 'A long walk to freedom' gives us a great and truer profile of his extraordinary character and I hope more people read it now. I have met a few South Africans that say they can no longer call their country home so I hope you settle over here well and one day can return to visit your homeland. Kia kaha.


what a wonderfully reserved but great man in his approach to the human race, he had a passion for his people of South Africa and the people of the world, was always willing to support and help where and when he could even as his health was fading but to the bitter end always believed their was hope for all people of South Africa and lets hope this ideal carries on and progresses, was sad to hear of his passing the world has lost a great man who showed tolerance to what some would consider the intolerable and did it with a smile a kind gesture and often a little dance all, he will be remembered as a great man of mana and integrity throughout history and time


Very sad that he passed away, a great man who will be sorely missed by many.


Yes Mandela was a great man, but its over now can we please move on.

your a putz! move along

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