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Saw the movie, thought it was great and funny, though the Lone Ranger himself was a bit of a "wooze"..a good different take from the original which i remember.......Hiyo Silver...........


i have yet to see this ive heard its pretty good for a disney release. but pirates of the carribean werent too bad either


I haven't seen it yet but would like to. Johnny Depp is amazing in these types of movies.


The movie looks totally awesome and Johnny Depp even more so!


I figured the movie would never get made considering the issues they had the past 2 years. good to see people enjoyed it


there's so many bad reviews/comments about this movie though!! but maybe worth watching it, at least once. and if we don't expect much, it won't disappoint us!:)


The reviews werent very good but i saw this movie a few weeks ago and i thought it was not too bad, yes its not a role for Johnny Depp but it has its funny scenes, dont always rely on the critics comments, see it for yourself!!


I wonder if the movie explains why Tonto doesn't look like a Native American anymore.


I think it was a goner since having JD in the co starring role, the emphasis I think was too much on him


My parents saw it and thought it was a good one. Even though it was long, it was a good ripping yarn.

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