Discussing :: The best Rugby Team does not always win Rugby World Cup.


The sweaty palms/the sleepless nights/the dry throat- its time the best team did win the World Cup.


I hope the All blacks win of course but when you look at the Aussie vs Irish game you just never know which way it will go


I'd love to see the Irish win this year. Spread it round, and all that. I'm actually quite surprised by the ups and downs on the scoreboard lately. I totally didn't expect NZ to win so strongly against Japan, or Australia to go down to Ireland. It's worse than trying to pick a racing horse to win. Mind you, I've lost a fortune on backing the hot favourites, only to watch them come fourth, so these scores can't totally be unexpected. We are all human after all - and fallable to the core. I love it when Graham Henry says things like "we had a few mistakes to learn from" or "we have some things to work on." LOL, we've been playing the game for 100 years, yet we keep making new mistakes. I don't think so. :)


We are looking good but I am hoping for every player to step up one gear and then I'd be happy. Awesome rugby from the 'minnows' so far. Great tournament and atmosphere.


Thanks to France manager Joe Maso for letting the ABs wear their Black Strip. Good to see some Sportsmanship in the Professional Rugby Brothel of Money and Sponsorship. Anything can happen in a Grand Final. Cross your fingers, legs and arms for luck. A bounce of a ball, an injury or the Ref could decide who wins the Match. Go ABs and bring the RWC Cup back Home.


Jo Maso- master centre- true gentleman......need more like him- there is huge respect in the game for this man.


The French came to Play. Not the walk over that the Media and Public were expecting. French players are harden professionals and they know how to play when it counts especially the French Captain. Lucky we had a Captain that did the same even on one foot. Congrats to the ABs for getting the job done. 4 Million Kiwis can have smile on their faces. Every one needs a beaver around.


But in this case they have. France were resolute but ultimately lacking in true quality in enough areas on a day the ABs were ripe for the picking. Well done NZ, we can all relax now and enjoy the summer and follow the Black Caps in Zimbabwe and the Silver Ferns against the Aussie girls. Dousatoir was immense- Piri was not.


Awesome performance by both teams very intense last 20 min loved it


@Max: Agreed, I was stunned at the French performance compared with the last game we had against them...

I think that was a combination of things....the way the media were taking pot shots at them the trouble within their own camp....the fact that their fellow countrymen back in France were knocking their less than entertaining play...would have pissed them right off so they came and wanted to play ball....which was definitely way better than their previous tournament games...but its that old thing of how you perform on the day and they stepped up to the mark....but our boys managed to keep them in check and let the time run out which blimmin heck was full on

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