Discussing :: The best Rugby Team does not always win Rugby World Cup.


The best Rugby Team does not always win Rugby World Cup.

Rugby World Cup is a knock out Competition when the finals are played. Anything can happen. One bad game, one bad Ref decision, one lucky bounce of the ball, injuries, sickness, bad goal- kicking and bad weather can cause an upset or unlucky loss. With Knock out Team competitions it is usually the luckiest side that wins because the best Teams are evenly matched. Rugby World Cup is a CELEBRATION of Rugby Union foremost and the best Rugby Team does not always win a rugby match.


That's very true. Perhaps we should have something more akin to the Americas Cup final? Best out of 5 maybe?


Whatever happens, I'll be watching a lot of Channel four... Anyone seen the Homer Simpson Billboards in town? Clutching a doughnut and saying: "Mmmm.... Not Rugby...."


There is an element of truth in that statement. There is always bound to be an upset in the finals. I can't imagine how much money I have lost at the TAB due to upsets.


that is true for all sports / games / everything in life and luck can sometimes make the impossibles possible! which is why virtually no professional sports team can have 100% win rate in any given season. imagine a world where the best team always wins. you will lose all the excitement because you know exactly who the winner will be before the game even started -> the losing teams will lose their fans and supporters and thus lead to declined revenues and profits -> clubs cant afford to hire players anymore and have to pull out -> we end up with no teams left apart from the winners; except they can't call themselves winners because there is no competition left! And most importantly, TABs won't exist!! (okay, maybe not *most* importantly...) so living in a world where strong teams/players may fall off the horses once in a blue moon is not too bad... (and given that this has already happened to the ABs during the Tri Nations, I am sure things are looking up for them right now!!)


All black this year will be if Aussies make it world cup win number 3 south africa, France and England too Have a chance to make New Zealand blue So from you beer take a sup NZ must win the world cup.


With Ireland on a high and probably best side of the draw i see no one in there way even England/France except if this was played in the nortern hemisphere. Australia dont count them out they can step up and beat SA at the cake tin which will make them more of a force if its a Australia vs NZ semi, So my call for the final NZ vs Irealnd


Yep, it just takes one shocker (eg Australia vs Ireland), and you may not even get through to the next round.


This is nothing new...the AB's have been labeled the favourites from the get go, such a label can be a major buggar to a team and as history has shown the label hasn't been great for the boys, but in saying that I will keep the faith that this time that label will be crushed beyond repair....I'm still a bit uncertain about who will be meeting the AB's in the final but I figure it will be either SA or England, SA have been quiet of late, their coach hasn't been saying much which is surprising because he likes to play that psychological game stick every now and then....my mind thought every time I see the boys play is that it is our time....after all of this it is our time...GO THE MIGHTY AB's

This is where my lack of knowledge lets me down. Although I'm quite enjoying the games, I don't really know what the hell is going on. You're very confident that the ABs are going to make the final. Why?

hmmm I didn't see this Jason....o well we know how it played out now....lol...I will always support the AB's in any test match...but with the RWC they had major advantages over the visiting teams...home ground advantage (including the history of wins on Eden Park against other countries) and the home support....Kiwis are mad as hell ruggers supporters so any team including the French would have had to play with gusto and big kahuna's to take that chance from us....of course the players new the history of our previous attempts so they new what pressure they were under to perform...and though it wasn't the type of rugby match we wanted to see they were tough enough to keep that minimal margin and defend like crazy and take the win....


I fully agree with TTT's discussion! Anything can happen that can change the outcome of the semi's, bronze final, final and so on!! I must say, I have never been SO into watching rugby in my whole life! (LOL). I was fully impressed with the Ireland Vrs Aussie match (as I am sure many others were too). This goes to show that ANYthing can happen, its quite simple for a game to get changed around quite quickly.....The score could be 3-7 and it only takes the other team to get another try and a conversion and its theres!!! I am all for the All Blacks winning, I hope we do win it, I am sure with all the NZ support and being on their own countries land will make it a lot better for them. The atmosphere will be surreal for them! :) However, I think we will have to wait and decide the All Blacks fate by watching the game this Saturday when they play France...They are predicted the hardest team in the pool, so it should be interesting! I hope we do well. They deserve it ;). From the Rugby I have watched so far...I would have to say I am most impressed with Irelands and Argentinas playing!! WOOOOOOHOOOOO. oh and the all blacks?....


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