Discussing :: The Avengers vs Avatar vs Titanic


As a girl you cannot beat Titanic and it has some great action scenes.

Well as an animal of the jungle l would say Avatar is the better movie of the three. Plenty of action and they even threw in a little romance to stop the girls from dropping off to sleep. Only trouble with Titanic movie it's pretty hard to make a sequel as the ship has already gone down.
Sorry Avatars Best & can't wait for Avatar 2


All the mentioned movies are of big ticket movies and have given a lot of enjoyment with them. They really having nice impact over us and we can enjoy them again and again whenever there will be a chance to go for them .


I and my partner are very avid film lovers... and Titanic, Avengers and Avatar are all great films; we cannot compare each other from the other, they are all great film of their own genre...they have proven their box office hits and entertaining strength, as well their critical awards... we should look forward to our film industry that they continue making movies like these ones... Long Live the Movies!.. Cheers!!!


I loved all 3, but both my husband and I agree that The Avengers kicked ass! Am so looking forward to the sequel, and also the next add-on sequels, like Iron Man 3, Hulk 3, Cap 2, Thor 2.....!


I enjoyed avengers and avatar. titanic was a good movie but not my cup of tea. definitly looking foward to Avengers sequels hope they dont get the sequel curse thou ? i love how Iron man, thor, are brought together by the avengers but are films by themselves as well. ! AVENGERS for the Win !


Avatar was the best - the only movie I've seen twice at the cinema. The Avengers was good but over-hyped for me - why are they even on that flying aircraft carrier? I can't remember it that well, but it seemed unnecessary and only there for the cage with the drop. Titanic was sappy.


Avatar in 3D would have to win hands down, even 2D version will be one of the best movies ever made. Cameron began development of Avatar began in 1994, it's come a long way since then.


I love Avengers its one of my favourite films but I think Avatar is the best 3D film i have seen


I prefer Avatar and The Avengers any day compared to the Titanic


They each offer something different. Titanics all lovey dovey, avatars scfi and avengers is action/superheros. Titanic would def be my least favourite but cant choose my fav between the other two


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