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The Avengers vs Avatar vs Titanic

I see that The Avengers movie is now the 3rd highest grossing film of all time worldwide after going past Revenge of the Nerds...oopps I meant one of those Harry Potter flicks. It still has along way to go catch Avatar with 2.8 billion, Titanic with 2.185 billion but for me, the Avengers was more fun and exciting than Avatar (which is the best looking movie I've seen) and that chick-flick shipwreck Titantic. What's your favourite out of these 3?

Titanic will always be an amazing movie. It's an amazing true story, with great characters and actors. The story is shown amazingly and it always brings out emotion! I think Avatar is WAY too overrated. People raved over it for months, and then when I watched it I didn't think it was that good. Yes, the graphics were awesome, but I found the storyline and the characters quite weird and uninteresting. I would rate The Avengers above Avatar, I think that was a really good movie. There was a good amount of action, and it kept my interest and attention throughout the whole movie (unlike Avatar). Out of these 3 my favourite would be Titanic, then The Avengers, then Avatar.




What.....they are all different genre of movies, and they are all winners in their own kind, both in the story line and box office.... and it is a fact they attract not only certain group of movie goers, but it does have strong appeal to all ages... they are alll big money makers and for a big big movie fan like me, it is a must to see all of them, and I did... Titanic for a fact, I have seen it probably 20 times, with its long hours of play, I still being attached to the movie and its story... so for all movie addicts like me and others as well, dont ever miss on seing all these great movies... The Avengers, Avatar, and Titanic... long live the great movies of yesterday and today and those still to come!!!

dave, I'll put you down then for Titanic as your "favourite out of the 3?" then. Question wasn't "what was the Best?"

Yeah I'm a big big movie fan however just because it makes money at the box office doesn't mean it's a must see.
If I'm going to shell out some cash I'll only go to a movie that interests me (Mindless violence, non PC comedies).

IMO, Avengers pipped Avatar as it was more fun.


To contribute to this thread I guess I need to watch The Avengers- unless being old enough to have already seen The Avengers starring John Steed and Emma Peel (what a classic counter-espioage spytress name that is) counts ?? They dont make 'em like they used to. Oh wait. Yes they do....and way better. Oh how the passage of time sullies the ming. The "ming" ??? Where is auto-correct when you need it.

hehehehehehe Wingergee best you check out the 2012 Avengers it's a slight upgrade from the old version.


I just saw The Avengers this weekend and all I can say it was just a fun action movie. I probably found it more enjoyable than Avatar.


Out of those 3 movies, I definitely enjoyed the Avengers the most. Titanic was boring and Avatar had great visual effects but the storyline let it down.

Rocket, you are right. The visual effects tend to make people forget about the story which was average.


I think Avatar got it's status as a great movie, because the technology was so great that people were amazed at how realistic it looked. In years to come, people will expect that and younger people especially won't think of it as that great.


Titanic...all the way. No kidding, I havent yet seen the Avengers but planning to. Avatar definitely one of the greatest movies of all time, so the Avengers would have to be pretty good to beat that.


Saw this blog yesterday so went to The Avengers last night (Tuesday cheap night) to see if it was any good....and it was Awesome!!! sure the middle dragged on abit but lots of fighting and it was very funny. THe HULK is the man!!! which was a surprise considering his 2 movies were rubbish. And this is not a word of a lie but I thought that agent chick from "How I met your mother" was so much sexier the the Black Widow. No BS! and no I haven't been drinking! lol So I'll have to say the Avengers was my favourite. P.S thanks Getfrank for the Prometheus tixs***Warning Minor SPoiler Alert*** the movie is up there with Avatar for a spectacle but could have done with alot more aliens and some trigger happy juiced-up Marines.


The Avengers is like a party of all superheroes! Its nice how the story put them all together and yet highlighted their individual strengths. More value for monery spent!


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