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Steven Adams - NBA main league or D-league?

Steven Adams, a NZ born and raised brother of Valerie Adams was picked at #12 by the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA draft. Right after being picked many fans were saying he was more a project player and bound for the D-league (development league) to work on improving his game. Steven Adams had played only one year of college basketball with the Pittsburg Panthers before declaring for the NBA draft. Recently in pre-season games, Steven Adams has surprised critics and encouraged fans. He is averaging around 10 rebounds per game and with one of his Oklahoma City Thunder (OKC) team-mates out of action with a finger-injury, he is getting more minutes and more of a chance to shine. It won't be long before we find out what the OKC coach Scott Brooks is planning. I am excited for Steven Adams and hope that the NZ media gets some of his games showing on either free-to-air or sky sport. According to one online source the regular NBA season starts on the 29th of October. I usually google Steven Adams to find the latest news but here are some recent news articles: http://www.3news.co.nz/Steven-Adams-boosts-NBA-chances-with-Thunder/tabid/415/articleID/318153/Default.aspx http://www.rantsports.com/nba/2013/10/21/oklahoma-city-thunders-diamond-in-the-rough-steven-adams/ http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1816889-steven-adams-why-oklahoma-city-thunder-need-to-give-him-big-minutes-this-season http://newsok.com/okc-thunder-chalk-up-another-one-for-steven-adams/article/3895919


I really hope he can get some minutes in the rotation in the NBA but I'm not so sure yet. It does sound like he has done better than expected in training camp and in the pre-season games. It would be awesome if he could work his way up to be a starter in the years to come.


hes been playing really well considering he was suppose to be playing in the development team for his first year, but he has proven the transition to be a good one so far and he doesn't seem to be intimidated by the whole thing so I think its a great thing for him and NZ basketball time will tell just how good he does get and I wish him all the luck


Good on him. Well done on giving it his best shot and making every post a winner (puns intended as well) He served his apprenticeship in Wellywood and got out of the jungle of potential gang hood of Rotovegas. A really good example of if you want it bad enough plus good mentors/role models you can do it.


absolute champion making the most of an opportunity putting in the hard yards! who said he wouldnt get much game time!!!? Smashing it fly that kiwi flag mate


What an awesome impression he is making in the States, go Steven. I think he's got the same fear factor his sister has & I'm sure the opposing teams are all lining him up. Go hard & get 'em Steven!


NBA main league for sure.. Shaun Marks took ages to be recognized and even then his time in the NBA was limited.. Think things will only continue to get better and grow for Steven once he adjusts to the league. Pretty bloody good already. After all he's over come and to get where he is speaks volumes of the man.. Wish him every success and I know Ill be proud to be a Kiwi and will be supporting him with every step of his NBA career..


This guys is doing well


I watched his last game and he only scored 4 points. As a guard you don't expect too much board action anyway but you can see his instruction is to regain possession and feed it to the forwards. His height and reflexes are his greatest assests.

I like his aggression too, he is not afraid to mix it up with some of the big NBA names which is good to me it shows he is not intimidated by all the hype that surrounds a lot of the big NBA names, shows his character that he is willing to give his all. I read an article about him on a random NBA news related site, where the coaching staff mentioned that he is always willing to learn and is constantly practicising and asking for advice from his peers, so I think he is doing great and hope to hear and watch better things from him in the future


Steven Adams must be enjoying his time in the NBA. He has done so well in the past year.

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