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Starbucks admits using dead insects in coffee

Well, I always suspected something dodgy was going on. Now Starbucks, the world's largest coffee shop chain, has admitted to using an extract from dried insects to colour some Frappuccinos and pastries. Apparently, the offending red dye is derived from cochineal insects found in Mexico and South America. The insect dye will be phased out by June. Never a better argument for sourcing your daily caffeine-fix from local sources. Everyone knows Kiwi Baristas are the best in the world - 'soy moccha, no marshmallows, and go easy on the insect dye please!'

I couldn't believe this when I read the headline and thought it MUST be a joke. It is unbelievable in our food concious society that something like this can happen. I think this will be one of my conversational... 'Did you know....!!' for some time.

From one stunned previous consumer


There is absolutely nothing wrong with using cochineal which is a very common red food colouring which has been around for centuries and is used extensively all over the world... What another media lot of hooha rubbish to try to make something out of nothing!


More Kiwis expressing their 'right' to moral outrage even when no case exists...next thing they will be all upset because supermarkets are selling fermented milk...yep, true, folks, you heard it here first...it's called cheese...


Haha - there are insects parts in a ton of food. Chocolate is the main one to spring to mind. You get grains/seeds/any plant and process it and you're going to get some insects in there. There are people who think that insects are actually pretty good for you. I think there's even a TED talk about it.


I'm surprised anybody even cares about this, although I guess most people haven't heard of the Cochineal. If people looked in to it they would see it is not a big deal at all.


Ha, you are what you eat & drink


Only in desperation will I go to Starbucks anyway, now I know why they charge so much for a crap cup of coffee! or a cold cup of coffee..


You'd be surprised what has what in it. Insects are commonly used to colour things. A certain type of beatle is used in most red cosmetics. In america, they have used chicken feathers ground up too add fluff to breads. Wine and beer is filtered through pig intenstines or fish scales. Look into it, as starbucks is just the tip of the ice burg. Why stop at starbucks anyway, when the local cafe down the road probably does a much nicer latte' and you can support an NZ owned and operated business! Buy local i rekon! :)


NO more cochineal extract (which is processed from crushed beetles) to colour some of its red-tinted products. Will it ever taste the same again. Customers want their coffee to go, and now. Do customers really care what goes in it if they get their Morning Buzz.


It's probably used in tens of thousands of products and has been for ages. Not really a problem unless you are a vegetarian or vegan for moral or religious reasons in which case you would know all about it and avoid anything too red (or ask questions before purchasing)!

There's a Fly in your Soup, or a Bug in your Coffee what the difference as long as you don't chew it, lol.


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