Discussing :: SPORTS SHOULD BE FREE TO AIR!!!!!!


Sports should be free to air. They make tonnes off the advertising.


sports should be free to air, they get heaps from ads.


We would pay for it somehow, at least now you have a choice.


If you want quality sport then you need to pay and so you should.


Absolutely agreed that it should be free to air. Why should rich people enjoy all the sports live?


I love Prime-even if you can't afford Sky (that would be me) you can still watch delayed coverage of All Blacks games etc. I wish more sport was free to air (we should all be getting inspired and exercising more) but I appreciate that It costs money to air.


The main events should be available for all to watch. Soon SKY will have the soccer world cup, Olympics...


Bloody typical of this country. Everyone wants everything for nothing. Bloody bludgers everywhere you look. No one wants to pay tax either but without it there would be no roads, hospitals, army, police, fire the list goes on. If you want top quality sports you have to provide top quality infrastructure, someone has to pay so why not the people who want to watch it?? Its only fair. I am happy to pay for my sky tv and get top quality sports 24hrs a day with no ads.


Yes it sure would be nice to at least see some of the major sports events free, unfortunately Sky owns the rights, therefore expect nothing!


Personally, I am a big sports fan and would love it if there was more sport on Free to air TV. I don't have Sky because I can't afford it at the moment. Having said that, I can understand that not everyone is into sport and would want to pay extra for it. With Sky and other pay per view providers it is becoming increasingly expensive.

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