Discussing :: SPORTS SHOULD BE FREE TO AIR!!!!!!


heck yeah - I cant afford sky and hate risking finding out scores before see on prime or have to miss out all together.

Same here! We actually forked out for the Mayweather vs Canelo fight yesterday and I had to stay off facebook and msn all day at work as it was on live pause waiting for me to get home, and I would have been gutted to find out the result! I think $30 was kind of expensive, we watched all the undercard fights but still it was quite a bit, then again going to the movies will set you back way more than that for 2 people!


In these times, it isn't feasible to broadcast sport free to air. Players now have to be paid to be kept in their sport. To do this they need the funding from broadcasting. If we don't pay them well they will go overseas and we wouldn't see them again.


I don't think it is realistic to expect sport to be free to air, but since i don't have Sky TV I am a big fan of the free sport offered by Prime and Sommet Sport.


Boo Hoo, take a big breath and suck it in. Life's not cheap and you get what you pay for l'm afraid. People keep forgetting we did away with the tv license, so when they say it "Free To Air" that exactly what you're getting, "The Free Stuff".


If sky didn't have such a strong hold free view would get a chance. Unfortunately that is where the money is and i don't think that is going to change until streaming happens


i'm not bothered either way as we don't have sky and my partner doesn't like to watch sport.. although we do watch some of the free to air stuff but only when there is nothing else that appeals to him


I reckon sports should be free to air. You can watch most of the mainstream stuff on regular tv though. Like the All Blacks and America's Cup. That suits me fine as I'm not a major sport follower.


there are more sports than rugby,football, or netball out there. I would like to see more cyclling races theres heaps of races on. The only one we see live is the Tour de France all the others just highlights. The tour of Britain is on at the moment with serveral Kiwi riders in it. The tour of Spain just finish last weekend. If Sky would dedicate a speciial chan for these kind of sports I'd pay to watch.


I think National teams should be free to air but other countries/leagues should be pay per view. It is pretty bad that for a lot of All black fans that cant afford Sky or alike cant watch the game live on NZ free to air TV.


Even the ones that are on free to air should be at a reasonable time. Look at last weekends NRL grand final, that used to be a big deal on TV, now it was on Prime starting at 11.45pm on a Sunday night. I stayed up & watched it but was a mess at work on Monday.


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