Discussing :: SPORTS SHOULD BE FREE TO AIR!!!!!!


I believe sports should be 'free to air'. A lot of people can not afford to go to sports events and can not afford to get Sky TV. I remember as a kid (when sports were free to air) the whole family sitting together watching The All Blacks games. That doesn't happen for a lot of families with younger children and no Sky TV as the games are replayed free to air far to late for young children.


The only way it would be free to air if sports players got a wage similar to firemen or police .they have skills but what use do they have beyond hitting or chasing a ball it's not life saving.if the wages were fair and the machine that ran everything eg lawyers managers then the tv contracts wouldn't be crazy money that no free to air could afford


SKY have stuffed up big time - hopefully they will lose a lot of customers because of this.


I dont know why Sky just doesnt have the whole package at a reasonable rate and any you dont want gets deducted from the amount. They must be making a few bob


Back in the good old days when TVNZ use to put a great range of sports on for Joe public to watch.It wasn't that free because we had to pay for a TV license.I'm affraid now if you really want to catch up with your favourite sport live you'll just have to pay through the nose like the rest of us suckers.

Well said !!!


I agree, do not know the last time I saw a rugby game, we now have kids and no sky as too expensive!


sportsmen get paid too much, sadly if you want to watch live sports, you have to contribute to their fast-growing bank account...


I think sport should be free to air - not everyone can afford Sky


Totally agree, I'm not a big sports fan but there are some games that I'd like to watch but there's no way I'm getting Sky on just to watch them!


I agree that they should be on free to air channels. If all the contracts go to these new internet companies you had better have a good internet connection or watching the games will NOT be fun!! I watched the latest All Blacks test on iSky and it keep dropping out all the time.


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