Discussing :: SPORTS SHOULD BE FREE TO AIR!!!!!!


I agree, sport should be free. Especially the All Blacks games. Sport has become too commercialised and needs to be available to all New Zealanders. Shame on the Rugby Union. They seem to forget without us they wouldn't have the players.


I don't have a problem paying for something I think is worth watching. Perhaps people think it should be free to get into a game as well. The sports bodies have to generate capital to pay for salaries, grounds etc. Sport is professional. It has to be paid for somehow. Most games don't get enough bums on seats to cover the cost of the game let alone any development. The government would have to fork out more money to keep sports going so you would pay through your taxes anyway.


I still detest to my core the amount Sky charges subscribers to watch sports on their channels. There are only about 3 types of sports we watch in our house hold but we pay in my opinion way to much to be able to do so. I am glad that there are other organisations that prefer to provide free to air sports, which I agree should be free especially our national sport, maybe these organisations taking two top sports away from Sky TV will teach them that customers are more important than their profits. I hope these organisations go after Rugby and League next, cause am over the charges Sky place on these programs


I do not think that money should be wasted on putting sports on Free To Air, that kind of money can go to way better places, education health etc....


it should be free..but im not the biggest sports fan so im OK with it being paid for ..hehe i get alone time when its live game time..


Yep should definitely be aired free!! Hard to take the kids to the pub and don't have Sky!


I think National sports should all be on free to air and live - non of this delayed coverage with ads! Other sports however I agree with being paid viewing. Its not everyones cup of tea... I guess the other option is to make all TV paid - Im a big supporter of user pays!


I agree, it's against my religion to pay for TV ;) I enjoy watching motorsports and rugby but alas the V8's have disappeared from freeview :( Still, happy to watch the All Blacks on Prime even if it's delayed coverage. At least the America's cup is free to air on TV one eh :) Freeview also has a new sports channel called Sommet Sports which has some excellent coverage of other sports that you don't normally see.

I also watched MotoGP on that channel last night, Ive never looked at it before, I used to just go to the gym when it was on if I wasnt at work and Id use the crosstrainer and watch it, good for the health that way ha ha ha


Australian government had the right idea making most major games (for their national teams) free to air by default..


Definately should be free


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