Discussing :: SPORTS SHOULD BE FREE TO AIR!!!!!!


All New Zealand representative sport should be free to air and not available to only those who can afford it - the whole of NZ supports our teams and they should be able to watch them play.........come one guys give us a fair go


I see a new sports channel has turned up on Freeview HD, maybe this is what you are looking for!


Yeah there is a new sports channel on Freeview. It is mostly Soccer, Aussie rules, and extreme sports from what I have seen so far. I think they are trying to do lots of sports that aren't rugby. It's good to finally have a free sports channel, I hope they can get some big events on it in future.


I agree, sometimes going out with the boys and watching a game is all good...but at times sitting at home with junk food and the family is just as good! and free to air would be so much better and cheaper!!


I have many fond memories growing up watching national and regional teams on free to air. Now without it I wonder at the impact on future national achievements given many Kiwi children are no longer inspired to excel through sporting endeavours.


Normally I would agree that all sport should be free to air, but after trying to watch the Americas Cup racing on channel one,you have to be kidding. The races are shown on tv1 while the morning breakfast show is on 7am-9am. During thiis two hour period you got a couple of very qucik snippets, blink and you missed it no kidding.Then they (ch1) advertised highlights of the race from 9am till 9.30, and all we saw was the finish of the race approx 5 mins. I never thought I would say this but go SKY TELEVISION/SPORT at least you get the whole nine yards,with no advertising during the sport you are watching exept for normal half time adds. Free to air should leave it to those who know sport,SKY.


When we were poor students we used to go and watch rugby at our local pub. We worked out after one season that we were spending way more on drinking out that we would chilling at home (and not freezing on the walk home) and having a few quiet ones with warm and toasty sky.


Couldn't agree more! Why should you have to pay to support your team!


I wish. Unfortunately I watch more sports at the pub than at home due to Sky etc. Sometimes this is tough especially on the wallet and the body. The things we do to support our teams and watch sports we are interested in (most of them)


The TV money is just too hard for teams to turn down... That's why they'll quite happily move games to an evening so people can't take along young families - just for money and so some one can watch the game at a nice time in South Africa!


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