Discussing :: SPORTS SHOULD BE FREE TO AIR!!!!!!


Free Sports indeed! I don't mind Sports to be aired and viewed for free during night time only because that's the only time i can watch and the weekends, of course.


Nothing is free although many Kiwis seem to think not only that it is but that they have some sort of entitlement to it. You get what you pay for and if you want free sports coverage you will find that it will either suck or that you will pay more indirectly through hidden fees and taxes. User pays rules.


Maybe not all sports need to be free to air but the big sporting events should be accessible to everyone - not just those who can afford the extra for tv channels. Can you imagine not being able to see any of the Rugby World Cup or the Olympics - there'd be an outcry!


Sports could be 24/7 free to air and i still wouldn't watch it


It should be free but professional sport put paid to that


I'm a sports fan & i think the sports should be free to air, they get plenty of $ from sponsors


It should be user pays why should others subsidise minority viewers, everyone to their own. It there to watch if you really want to see it


Yes I do agree Sports well NZ sports should be free for us in NZ to watch! Why should we have to pay for it because of money, that stuff that makes everything in the world go round, it sux but its true money buys sports!


Yes I think there should be a sports channel for free to air . I don't watch sports myself but hubby and the boys do , for some they do not have the money for sky or to go down to the local pub and watch it there .


I don't watch sports on tv but i think there should be a free to air channel, tv is for everyone, for a wide range of reasons, we should and could all be catered for, it would perhaps encourage people to take part in A sport, to excersize etc.the programmes seem to go in cycles, lately its home renovations, cooking and talent, I'm presuming this is because they are cheaper to make and if they can get one popular one then more can and do follow, Why can't we have a sports channel that gives us sports like darts, snooker, small bore shooting etc as well as the money makers, just because its free doesn't mean lack of quality or choice, so yes ,we should have a free to air in my opinion.


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