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Except the Americas Cup which is not sport.


The news that there is competition in SKY's arena will be greeted with enthusiasm by many football fans in New Zealand who are looking for alternatives to SKY’s sports packaging which doesn’t allow subscribers to purchase football only. For too long Sky have had it too easy and whilst as a nation we moaned about the loss of free to air rugby have we really suffered? In fact in some cases it made it a bit of an event getting your family & friends around the TV to watch a game at someone elses's house who had SKY. Lets face it we're in a user pays society and there's no such thing as a free lunch anymore, if it is, then I'd be looking very carefully at what's lurking in the kitchen! There's always a twist somewhere.


Why would anyone bother filming sport and showing it on tv if nobody got paid, it's all about user pays these days and privatisation. Not everyone is into it


In Oz there is a lot more free to air sports than in NZ so we are getting screwed by the broadcasters especially sky and cos I can't afford it i watch a lot less telly than I'd like to see.


It should be free to air! The one luxury we do pay for is SKY - just to have the sports but man, it is expensive and really, theres not much else on there worth watching. As soon as rugby season is over, its getting cancelled.


Yes it should be free to air sky is getting to expensive.


it should be free, i get so sick of hearing that Sky is covering a game and unless you are prepared to pay more money towards Sky (if you can afford Sky in the first place) then you will have to go to a pub these days to watch it. I get that by making you subscribe is how they make their money to pay people etc but it wouldn't hurt to air some of the games for free


I used to complain about Sky & sport also but the last straw was them stealing the V8 Motor Racing for the next 5 years. I had to eventually bit the bullet, l now have mysky. If you search Youtube, sport events usually turn up there a day or two after the event. Also keep an eye on Prime sometimes sport turns up there a bit later. As l soon found out Sky Sport is best in HD. I now run one mysky box through a hdmi splitter which gives sky HD at two tv’s in the house. Adding a wireless RF Extender gives control of the mysky box from either tv set. $66 for splitter & $99 for extender not a big outlay for what you get and it beats payin sky for a second decoder. Down side: One remote to share, hey but who’s the boss in your house anyway?


I'll be waiting for free-to-air as yet another monthly bill will send me over the top.


If it is a NZ representative side it definitely should be shown on free to air TV. I have lots of wonderful childhood memories of watching the All Black tests with my father and there is no way we would have been able to afford pay TV so I would have missed out!

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