Discussing :: SPORTS SHOULD BE FREE TO AIR!!!!!!


Australia had the right idea making certain sports and wallabies event free to air accessible


yeah i think they should have a free channel for sports so all the people who cant afford to be able to watch it


I think Sky has lost the plot. Most sports today you have to have Sky to watch them, so you sign up for a package deal and no sooner is the ink dry they add on something else. You want to watch Rugby sevens you have to subscribe to the Rugby channel.Sky has the TV market esp we now have to go digital. As far as I am concerned their is no such thing as free sport and Sky rules the roost. (but for how long).?Ps don't trow away your old Tv set you can have free for all tv at the modest(to most Kiwis)fee of $199 plus instulation. Then watch a lot of crap with not one sport stationor decent thing to watch if you are over 12 and under 30.


Sport, free-to-air it should be! Not everyone can afford Sky and fans are walking away! Even streaming online you have to pay for it. Bring on more free-to-air sport! The sooner the better!


In an ideal world sport on tv would be free, but Sky being a business it knows how to make a dollar.


Couldnt agree more, why does everything now days have to be about the money.


The problem with sports today is you have way more choices than you did 20 years ago.With the media coverage the way it is nowdays TV channels won't be able to compete.I'm looking forward to the day Sky gets the arse and you only have to pay for what you want to watch instead of all that crap they put on.Oh and it wasn't a mistake them slipping that add in durring the Allblack test ,the bastards were testing the water to see if they could get away with it.


There's no wonder schools are really promoting soccer, SKY TV took away all the viewing opportunities from our youngsters whenever the All Black's played. SKY TV is not in my house, why would I pay good money to watch interrupted games littered with commercials? I would rather watch Benny Hinn on Shine.


My mates has sky so the rest of us chip in and we get some classic Pizza's and some Stenie (wink wink) from the supermarkets and make a night of it. So much cheaper and better. Paying to watch sport is everywhere in the world so you have to work around it.


Put if you can get 'Prime' it is free, just delayed. My gripe is the lack of variety of sport on TV. Who's loving the Tennis?


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