Discussing :: SPORTS SHOULD BE FREE TO AIR!!!!!!



Unfortunately not everyone can afford Sky, or afford to go out & watch at a pub etc! come on NZ television! we are a country BIG on supporting our sports! We miss alot of games due to them only being on Sky! and alot of sports dont get alot of coverage on tv anyway which is a shame. A petition should be started! FREE SPORTS FOR ALL!

Wrong! Unfortunately the bills have to be paid and sport is a business. Sponsorship pays the bills. Even though Sky lost the EPL you still have to pay to watch it on line.


Sky is losing its strangle hold i think it might be a sign of things to come with streaming but lets hope free to air can jump on board and cash in. But NO adds!!


Would love sports to be free to air but am not sure if I can see it happening or not. If it was free to air would definitely watch a lot more


So who is going to pay for it? You get what you pay for and unless you want to bring back some form of indirect payment like the old TV license regime and subjecting everyone to yet another tax hike, you have two shows of getting to see quality free sport with out advertisements - unless someone comes up with a way to make a reality show out of it e.g. The GC meets Sport on One...


I think it's probably going to end up being free via the connection to the internet - so not neccessary free becuase you have to pay for this.


Kinda like Freeview which you still fork out dosh to setup? I love the ideal but perhaps just for Kiwi sports to begin with


I think that paying for sport creates a social dimension to it. It forces people to go to the pub, visit their mate with the sports channel(s) or (shock horror) actually buy a ticket to the game itself. I always feel a game is more enjoyable when watching it witha group of friends or a contingent of opposition fans to poke fun at (good naturedly of course). I think free to air sports will create more hermits and further reinforce the old cop outs of "It's too cold" or " Its to bloody expensive at the pub/stadium".


Yup truly, SPORTS should be FREE to air... as the advertising that sponsors the games are already paying their airtime... then it watching for the viewing fans should then be free... Cheers!


Of course they should be free to air.The sports teams are losing fans because not everyone can afford to watch them.I used to love rugby league but can't afford to watch anymore so don't go to live games or buy merchandise.


I'm not a sports fan... I would rather it wasn't broadcasted on free-to-air channels. It's bad enough half of the nightly news is dedicated to sport (mainly rugby I might add).


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