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Sonny "show me the dollar" Bill Williams

with League season over, Sonny has returned back to NZ to have his golden entry back into the all blacks. Whats your thoughts on this?? Should he be allowed to just waltz back in and secure his position, when others who have stayed amidst overseas offers, and put their heart into the sport may sit on the back bench??? I myself think he shouldnt, he aint that much of a stand out player, his off loads are just luck at the best of times, and MOSTLY, I dont think that it is fair that others have stayed and played, and shown their loyalty to the AB"s, rather than show their loyalty to the money...as Sonny has


If he is the best man for the job then he deserves a chance.

Good call Nos, but is he the best man for the job?? C Smith covers center better, and Nonu and Feketoa seem to have the 2nd 5 covered, AND all have them have played consistantly for the AB's, as well as super rugby, and im sure if given the chance...all three would have played provincial and club if they were allowed and could fit it in. Sonny on the other hand.....left NZ rugby to go play league for an Oz team!! I think if you want to play for the national side, then you have to be loyal to the cause


Hey everybody wants to be a million dollar man given half a chance.

Agreed bells, buuuuuuut, at the cost of other players that have stayed here, passing up contracts to play elsewhere, to stay loyal to the cause?? and have not jumped ship or countries?? I think that Sonny takes it to far with the code swapping, and I was extremely happy when he was stripped of NZ's heavyweight boxing title, before he made a farce of that sport.
Everyone deserves a shot at their chance at making money, but not at the cost of those who put in the effort and the dedication to their chosen sport......food for thought maybe??


Kick him to the curb. He can't just go where he'll earn the most money. Selfish attitude.

I tend to agree Gonzala, definitely is


Can't really see why he is hyped up so much......there are lots of better players than him!

second that vote trev23


The NRL shows SBW to be just another player most weeks. It's teamwork that can make you look great. Remember learning as a kid that every tackle around the knees or ankles will make the player stop. Applies to league, rugby, tackle bullrush ...

Spoken like a true rugby player David, back to basics wins games!!


Everyone loves Sonny-Bill...... well.....Sonny-Bill does anyway.lol

Well said Judy....well said!!!


as long as he stays away from boxing then hes alright in my books

Agreed shadowshaded, that is one arena he should keep out of...unless its to fight Joseph Parker, would be a good fight to see even though SBW would lose, same height and reach etc, but nowhere near the experience.......oh, and I would love to see him laid out!!


At the end of the day, good on Sonny Bill for pushing the boundries of sport....if he was your son.....you would be the most proudest mother/father around....so what if he makes alot of money, he has earnt every cent.....Good on you Sonny Bill.......

Well said dude26, and if I was his parent I would be super proud aswell. It wasnt about the money aspect, it was more the fact that the AB's coaches/Steven Tew were prepared to give him the golden pass, just to get him in the squad. Should he play a full year for NPC and super rugby, then he will gain a bit more respect, but I dont think he should be gifted the jersey.


I agree, he is a fantastic professional sports player. He is very talented and gives his everything to what sport he plays. How great was it was that he came straight over when the Roosters team was eliminated and played straight away for Counties. His puts some of our top players to shame when you think how dedicated he his. He doesn't take whatever jersey he wears for granted like some of our top All Blacks recently.

fair call rugbylocos, but if the roosters made it to their final, and won....would we still see sonny playing NPC til the end of the season?? He is indeed a great sportsman, but do we let him have his because of that??

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